Saturday, January 31, 2009

Many trees are dead or near death, but Victoria has no long-term plan for replacement; Victoria, Canada; 1/30/09

Aging forest stumps Victoria Globe and Mail - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Many of the 40,000 trees in the city's parks and on streets and boulevards are nearing the end of their lives, more than half having already exceeded their projected existence. More than 5 per cent are dead, a figure that continues to climb. That has left the city scrambling to come up with a plan.
As it stands, Victoria has 18-per-cent tree cover, a figure Mr. Speed would like to increase to 25 per cent. But that will take swift action combined with a suitable strategy, and the sooner the city starts, the better.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Transit-oriented development enhances UTC; Seattle, WA; 1/26/09

Transit-oriented communities a positive move for environment Seattle Post Intelligencer - Seattle,WA,USADevelopment at the urban fringe converts working farms and forests to urban uses, resulting in less carbon-sequestering open space and tree canopy.
If that isn't enough for you, the loss of rural and resource land threatens local food security, eliminates wildlife habitat and has been linked to the degradation of Puget Sound. Lack of housing affordable to low- and moderate-income earners exacerbates poverty issues, adding pricey transportation costs to household expenses

Ecosystems and Human Well-Being; USA; 1/26/09

Ecosystems and Human Well-Being~ Volume 1~ Current State and ...
Ultimately, decisions about trade-offs in ecosystem services require balancing societal objectives, including utilitarian and non-utilitarian objectives, short- and long-term objectives, and local- and global-scale objectives.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Treaty Oak gets a spa day as arborists groom beloved tree; Austin, TX; 1/24/09

Treaty Oak gets a spa day Austin American-Statesman - Austin,TX,USA
The Treaty Oak, a 600-year-old tree legendary as the alleged meeting place for Stephen F. Austin and Native Americans in the 1800s, is in the tree Hall of Fame. It stands 50 feet tall and once had a 120-foot canopy under which Austinites proposed, meditated and prayed. It has been lovingly referred to as "the most perfect specimen of a tree in North America" and is the last of the Council Oaks, a group of trees considered sacred before much of Austin was settled.
The pruning of the tree would normally cost $3,000 to $5,000, Passmore said. Saturday's efforts were donated by arborists with the Austin Parks and Recreation Department's Forestry Program and the International Society of Arboriculture.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

PG&E and non-profit partner to provide free trees to reduce energy use; San Jose, CA; 1/24/09

SJ homeowners eligible for free trees San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
"Shade & Save" is designed to help homeowners cut their summer cooling costs. Any San Jose resident-homeowner who is a Pacific Gas & Electric customer, has air conditioning and yard space for a shade tree may apply. Renters also may apply with homeowner consent.
Our City Forest and PG&E estimate that a mature, strategically placed shade tree can shave 30 percent off cooling costs.

Tree death rate in Pacific Northwest doubled in 17 years; USA; 1/22/09

Tree death rate in Pacific Northwest doubled in 17 years Eureka ...
Trees are dying twice as fast as they did three decades ago in older forests of the western United States and scientists suspect warming temperatures are a contributing factor. In the Pacific Northwest and southern British Columbia, the rate of tree death in older coniferous forests doubled in 17 years. That rate of increase is about 1.5 times faster than California forests, where mortality rates took 25 years to double. California, however, still had the highest tree mortality rates at the end of the study. Mortality has been lowest for forests in the interior states and the rate of change was slower, taking 29 years to double.

Streetscape clear-cut plan has some concerned; Pasadena, CA; 1/22/09

Pruning the future Pasadena Weekly - Pasadena,CA,USA
A vote last week by Pasadena City Council members could allow cutting and replanting in Pasadena’s Playhouse District area to begin next month — sealing the fate of many full-canopy trees, including the sprawling ficus that towers near Vroman’s Bookstore and another one in front of Nouri’s Rugs, near El Molino Avenue.
For all of the aesthetic beauty and shade that such trees provide, fast-growing ficus root systems have wrought havoc on sidewalks and underground plumbing, and the less-impressive carrotwoods drop seedpods that are difficult to clean up, said Pasadena Playhouse District Association Executive Director Erlinda Romo.
She explained that plans to remove 35 existing trees from Colorado Boulevard and replace them with 17 ginko trees and 60 skinny Mexican fan palms have been in the works for more than a decade, part of a 1996 streetscape plan that also involves repairing damaged sidewalks and installing decorative benches and new trash cans. Due to sidewalk damage, a few trees have been removed by business owners at their own expense.

Keep your paws off the beavers; Ontario, Canada; 1/22/09

Keep your paws off the beavers, city told St. Catharines Standard - St. Catharines,Ontario,Canada
Tournay joins many other people in St. Catharines who are upset with the city's new practice of killing beavers.
Last spring, the parks and recreation department hired Niagara Falls trapper Stewart Frerotte to kill beavers in Martindale Pond because they are damaging too many trees -- on both public and private property.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Salt Spring Island, British Columbia; 1/18/09

Strategic Planning For Urban Forests Green Muze - Salt Spring Island,British Columbia,Canada Another matter of concern is the large gap between the ages of the young Garry Oaks and the large, mature oaks that make up the urban canopy. ...

Pasadena, CA; 1/16/09

Bark beetles killing trees - But my view is that we have an opportunity to manage an urban canopy."

Friday, January 16, 2009

Houston, TX; 1/15/09

Houston Arbor Day: State arborist on planting trees Houston Chronicle - United States After Hurricane Ike, the city of Houston hauled away more than 5 million cubic yards of tree debris.
• Piney Point Village: a 2.1-square-mile area, was especially hard-hit. According to the village mayor’s office, Piney Point hauled off the equivalent of six football fields of debris, each 6 feet deep.

Tyler, TX; 1/16/09

Tree Planting Day Slated Saturday In Tyler Tyler Morning Telegraph - Tyler,TX,USA The city of Tyler Parks and Recreation Department Trees Committee will host a tree planting day Saturday.
There is no registration cost and attendees will be shown proper planting techniques.
"Planting more trees and creating a canopy negates the urban heat island effect," City Parks Department Manager, John Webb said in a media release. "It is also a major component of the Tyler 21 Plan: to enhance the urban forest throughout the City."

Victoria, BC, Canada; 1/15/09

Urban forest plan open for input Victoria News - BC, Canada City hall plans workshops to talk trees with the public
The future of Victoria’s tree canopy is in the air and you can have a say on what the urban forest’s future will look like.
The city’s 40,000 trees are facing tough times, with more than half at or near the end of their expected life spans. Climate change is threatening to alter the types of trees that can grow in local soil.
To address the problem the city is developing its first urban forest management plan.

Corvallis, OR; 1/15/09

Plan in development to manage Corvallis’ city trees Daily Journal of Commerce - Portland,Oregon,USA Corvallis Parks & Recreation is currently developing a 20-year plan to manage its urban forests.
It would be the city's first Urban Forestry Management Plan, and would provide policy and management framework on issues such as managing disease and invasive species, protecting tree canopies, and expanding education and outreach programs.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Philadelphia, PA; 1/14/09

The City of Philadelphia is launching a Carbon Offset Website ...Hughes says initial proceeds will help increase Philly’s overall tree canopy from 15% to 20%, which means about 300000 more trees planted. One aim, says Hughes, is that local corporations spending millions of dollars a year in Carbon ...

Worcester, MA; 1/14/09

It’s our turn to keep Worcester green with tree-planting plan Worcester Telegram - Worcester,MA,USA Long before we ever heard of the Asian longhorned beetle, public trees all across Worcester were in crisis. Herwitz’s research found that over the past 30 to 40 years, Worcester lost nearly half of its publicly owned trees, and the decline was accelerating. Can you imagine this community without tree-lined streets, small neighborhood parks, or large wooded public spaces like Elm Park, Green Hill Park, Nick’s Woods or Broad Meadow Brook? Neither can we. But that’s what we face if we sit back and do nothing. If there is a glimmer of a silver lining to the beetle infestation, it is a renewed focus on the plight of our urban forest. Now, it’s up to all of us to plant the seeds that will blossom in future generations, so that our children and grandchildren will live in a place filled with healthy trees and all the benefits they provide.

Clanton, AL; 1/13/09

Trees in the skyline Clanton Advertiser - Clanton,AL,USA The City of Clanton is poised to begin phase two of its Urban Forestry Management Plan, which is made possible by a $6,000 grant from the state.
During phase two, the city will take inventory of every tree on public property, including parks and city right-of-way. Tree inventory will be done using special computer software designed for that specific purpose.

East Gippsland, Australia; 1/13/09

Australia: Arrests in Another treesit campaign, this time in E ...Police have climbed two 35-metre trees in a Victorian forest and arrested two protesters locked to the canopy. Victoria Police confirmed four search and rescue officershad flown to the area on Tuesday. The protesters claim Stoney Creekand its state forest, located adjacent to the protected Snowy River,is an unusual example of a dense rainforest that includes stands ofboth mountain ash and alpine ash trees. “It is better, in the face ofclimate change, to maintain the integrity of the parks system so it isnot fragmented and nature can be more resilient with species able tomove, water flows more intact,” Ms Reynolds said. She said the Laborstate government had broken a 2006 election promise to protect 41,000hectares of old-growth and iconic forests in East Gippsland.

Brunswick, MD; 1/13/09

Brunswick proposes plans to go green Frederick News Post (subscription) - Frederick,MD,USA A tree canopy study will be completed in March, Castle said. The University of Vermont is conducting the study using satellite photos the Maryland Department of Natural Resources took in the summer of 2007, said Becky Wilson, urban and community forestry coordinator for the western region of the Maryland DNR Forest Service.
Any community in Maryland that wants a tree canopy study done can use the satellite imagery, she said. The City of Frederick and Frederick County Public Schools are the other jurisdictions in Frederick where the tree canopy study has been conducted. So far, more than 40 Maryland communities are participating, Wilson said.

Winston-Salem, NC; 1/13/09

Standing solution to bare landscape Winston-Salem Journal - Winston-Salem,NC,USA It's the early morning commute, and a peaceful way to start the day as the sun peeks through feathery evergreens. On the commute home, however, you are shocked to see the same landscape bare. The trees are gone. The earth is a raw red scar. What has happened? The trees have been clear cut. This development will be easier to build without the trees getting in the way.
Is this happening in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County? You bet. The Triad ranks second of 83 metro areas in the nation in urban sprawl, according to Smart Growth America, and ahead of Raleigh and Atlanta. The examples surround us from the once tree-lined Hillcrest Golf Course on Stratford Road to the forested corner of Olivet Church Road. Winston-Salem may not be a city of beautiful rivers or towering hills, but what we lack in dramatic geography, we gain in the beauty, value and environmental benefits of our trees.

Worcester, MA; 1/12/09

Groups to help replace trees Worcester Telegram - Worcester,MA,USA Even before the beetle eradication program began last year, Mr. Murray said, the city was experiencing heavy losses in the tree canopy that has accented ...

CA, USA; 1/12/09

The Green Point of the SmartCode Planetizen The Sustainable Urbanism Modules, to be posted on the CATS site this month, include Zero Net Energy, Building Orientation, Surface-to-Volume Ratio, Vehicle Miles Traveled, Shading of Glazing, Public Darkness, Tree Canopy Cover, ...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Denver, CO; 1/11/09

The Denver Digs Trees Program Returns! « North City Park The Denver Digs Trees program addresses Denver’s critical need to expand its urban canopy and is the only city-wide tree distribution program. Denver’s current canopy coverage is 10.4%; recommended urban canopy coverage guidelines for U.S. cities west of the Mississippi is 25%. (Time Magazine, 6/21/07). The Denver Digs Trees program – in partnership with the City and County of Denver, numerous local community nonprofits and neighborhood groups – is working to address this deficit in our urban canopy. The program has added over 35,000 trees to Denver’s urban forest.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crescent City, CA; 1/9/09

'A sense of pride' Daily Triplicate - Crescent City,CA,USA In an area known for its giant trees and vast tracts of forested lands, there’s a noticeable lack of arboreal culture in Crescent City.To change this perception and add to the scenic landscape, Crescent City workers are planting 160 trees in and around town.“ It’s Sedrick’s goal to replace the old trees with new and fill the empty wells, but he won’t be able to do that with the 160 trees he has now — which comprise a combination of Monterey cypress, redwood, ginkgo, red maple, and flowering plum and cherry — that are mainly going around the new Harbor Trail parking lot, in Beachfront Park and throughout downtown.
The trees going in the ground this week came from part of a $27,000-plus grant from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection’s urban forestry program.

Pittsburgh, PA; 1/9/09

Fall tree planting in Pittsburgh a success South Pittsburgh Reporter - Pittsburgh,PA,USA The City of Pittsburgh has planted more than 700 trees throughout the city during the fall planting season. More than 150 trees were planted in the business districts alone, including 40 in the downtown business district. Urban Forester Lisa Ceoffe, from the Department of City Planning, explained that more than 30 different species of trees were planted, including native, flowering, and evergreen trees. ”These newly planted trees not only add to the beauty of our City but to our quality of life,” said Mayor Luke Ravenstahl. “Pittsburgh residents will benefit from the increase in shade canopy produced by these trees while our overall urban forest will benefit greatly from the diversity of species being planted.”

Mattapoisett, MA; 1/6/09

All rights reserved Wanderer - Mattapoisett,MA,USA The Mattapoisett Tree Committee has been busy selecting and planting trees in town. Nine trees were planted which include the Beach House, Old Hammondtown School, and several scenic streets. They are always seeking new sites and donations for our spring tree planting.

Clackamas County, OR; 1/6/09

County: Tree fix still in the works Clackamas Review - Portland,OR,USA A conservation group that has been trying to push the county to protect trees in the urban growth boundary is up in arms at what it sees as the county’s unwillingness to institute meaningful protections, while one county commissioner said they simply have to wait until the new board takes office for those protections.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Salisbury, NC; 1/8/09

Salisbury Tree Board hopes to plant 200 trees this spring Salisbury Post - Salisbury,NC,USA The Salisbury Tree Board, responsible for protecting and planting trees on city-owned properties and along public rights of way, hopes to plant some 200 new trees this spring.
In reviewing the past year, Tree Board Chairman John Burke told Salisbury City Council Tuesday that 2008 saw 53 neighborhood trees lost to weather, decay and disease while only 27 replacement trees were planted.
But a couple hundred new trees and irrigation bags are on order for this year.

Seattle, WA; 1/8/09

City considers new tree protections Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (subscription) - Seattle,WA,USA The Seattle City Council's Environment, Emergency Management and Utilities Committee is taking written comments until Jan. 16 on proposed tree protections.
The proposal would establish interim protections for up to a year while the mayor and Department of Planning and Development complete the Urban Forest Management Plan to increase the tree canopy and stop the loss of healthy, mature trees.

Winter Springs, FL; 1/7/09

Winter Springs one of 12 ‘Sterling Communities’ Seminole Chronicle - Oviedo,FL,USA The manager of the Winter Springs Urban Beautification Services division didn't win a Grammy, but he said it feels like it.
Last month, the National Arbor Day Foundation named Winter Springs a Sterling Community for the city's continued dedication to preserving trees in the community.

San Antonio, TX; 1/7/09

It's still the 1980s on North Side San Antonio Express - San Antonio,TX,USA Last year, Powell and Denton reached an unpublicized civil agreement with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in which they preserved more than 400 wooded acres elsewhere on the property to mitigate the lost warbler habitat.
That untouched green space technically puts the developers in compliance with the city's modern tree rules, which allow owners to raze trees if they set aside 25 percent of contiguous tree canopy.
Today, homebuilders who bought parts of the property from Powell and Denton are preserving the 400 acres and wiping out much of the remaining forest, grinding the landscape to bare limestone for 2,000 homes.
Knowing the project might technically comply with the city's tree ordinance doesn't comfort some neighbors.
``It had been a wall of trees. You could not see any land. It was all trees,'' said Maiya Huffman, whose home across Bulverde Road overlooks the devastation.
``How could anybody want to take that beautiful scenery away?''

Houston, TX; 1/7/09

Cool Down Earth GaugeViewer Tip: Between 1972 and 1999, Houston lost around 400 square miles of tree canopy. Trees not only make our landscape more beautiful, they also cool and remove pollutants from the air, mitigating the effects of urban heat! ...

Austin, TX; 1/7/09

CommitteeChair: Service Hours Opportunity at Pease Park. By CommitteeChair Pease Park is in very bad shape, having lost 40 trees in the severe wind and hail storm of May 15, 2008. This was just the latest blow to a park that has been steadily been losing its tree canopy for years as the existing old cedar elms die. New trees have not been planted at a rate to arrest this creeping de-forestation. The Austin Parks Foundation and the City hope to plant an additional 300 trees over the next several years in a campaign we have called "Trees for Pease." This year's planting is just the first phase.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bangalore, India; 1/5/09

Green to dry brown Deccan Herald - Bangalore,India Way back in 1973, when we came to Bangalore, among the city’s special attractions were its open spaces and magnificent trees. The Palace Grounds specially seemed a marvellous asset of the city, and its presence suggested that natural beauty would continue to be regarded as a possession which would not be thoughtlessly supplanted by other forms of land use. However, we learnt that legal disputes were likely to undermine the integrity of the lands, and there was talk of the dreaded word “development” of which sensitive people became afraid.

Dernver, CO; 1/5/09

Improve Denver’s Canopy With Free/Low Cost Street Trees Washington Park Profile - Denver,CO,USA The Denver Digs Trees program addresses Denver’s critical need to expand its urban canopy and is the only city-wide tree distribution program. ...

Montgomery, AL; 1/5/09

Downtown tree plan on the grow ...And as he builds the inventory, Stringer's department adds the new trees that are being added to the city's streetscapes. That number will continue to grow each year, especially as the city strives to realize its goal of a green downtown.
The Downtown Montgomery Plan, created in 2007, calls for a downtown where each street is lined with trees. As of November, there were 2,586 street trees downtown, and Stringer estimated that about 4,000 trees are still needed to fulfill the goal.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Toronto; 01/02/09

Tree growth rooted in education City council moved in that direction last month when it adopted new green development standards that require developers of larger scale projects to plant one tree for every six to eight metres of their street-front property. To improve the odds of survival, each tree must have a minimum amount of soil around it and developers must water saplings for at least three years. The city, which aims to double Toronto’s urban tree canopy to 35 per cent of territory from 17.5 per cent, is taking other steps to curb tree abuse.

Bracebridge, ON; 12/31/08

Bracebridge passes tree-cutting bylaw It’s official, the town of Bracebridge now has a bylaw to govern where, when and which trees can be cut down across a large section of the municipality. Last week, town council gave final approval to a tree-cutting bylaw more than a year-and-a-half in the works. A tree-clearing permit is now required for everyone in Bracebridge removing trees in areas defined as urban or near-urban, lands within 60 metres of a navigable waterway, lands within 70 meters of Hwy. 11, and any lands in a flood plain or that are zoned environmental protection.