Monday, March 30, 2009

City needs volunteers to identify UTC enhancement locations for help with energy, stormwater, and pollution; Arlington, TX; 3/28/09

Arlington needs you to help count its trees Fort Worth Star Telegram - Fort Worth,TX,USA
Increasing Arlington’s tree canopy could bring a different type of green to the city: more federal grant funding and savings to the taxpayers through energy cost reductions and storm-water mitigation.
The Parks and Recreation Department is about to launch a count of city-owned trees in parks, golf courses, medians and other public property. Volunteers and city forester Matt Churches will collect information about the species, health and location of each tree.

Stimulus could provide link between UTC efforts and Green Jobs opportunities; Annapolis, MD; 3/28/09

Our Bay: This week's take: Stimulus could build green ...Annapolis Capital - Annapolis,MD,USA
Opportunities to use stimulus money to create jobs by planting more green infrastructure abound, Claggett says. The goal of the federal-state Chesapeake restoration is to line 70 percent of all streams and rivers feeding the bay with forested buffers at least 35 feet wide.
To date, about 6,100 miles of buffers have been planted, which leaves a whopping 22,000 miles to go. In addition, many cities have a goal of increasing their tree canopies to improve air quality.
The stimulus plan puts a premium on financing traditional infrastructure, such as roads and bridges that are "shovel ready," to get the economy moving quickly.

Philadelphia University gets "University Green" grant, starts Tree Tenders group to involve residents in UTC efforts; Philadelphia, PA; 3/27/09

PhilaU Receives 'University Green' Grant; Launches Tree Tenders ...By davisa
Philadelphia University was selected as one of five local universities to be part of the University Green pilot program. The University was selected in part because of its ongoing involvement with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society and its commitment to the Tree Tenders project through the Landscape Architecture and Environmental Science Programs.
Along with the grant, Philadelphia University will start a Tree Tenders chapter on campus. Tree Tenders is a training program that empowers concerned residents to make drastic strides towards restoring and caring for their local tree canopy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Development for under-served middle-income workers features trees, nature; Manila. Philipplines; 3/28/09

DMCI builds its 2nd community in Quezon City Philippine Star - Manila,Philippines
Ma. Nenita Noscal, DMCI Homes landscape manager, discussed the impressive attributes of the tropical-themed landscapes and design concept: “Upon entering the property, residents will be welcomed by a lavishly adorned curvilinear tree-lined driveway which is a half-kilometer long. It features a tree-lined avenue, walkways, and a special street paving perfectly complemented by a wide variety of flowering vines and colorful planting strips in its entire stretch.”
Tree species to be used will mostly likely be the canopy type, such as acacia, flame tree, golden shower, and African tulip. Landscaping accents include tropical palms, plants with broad leaves, and colorful flowers. At the end of the road, there will be a water feature that supports the feel of a tropical oasis in the middle of the city.

City council candidate advocates honoring growth boundary, preserving UTC beyond boundary; Seattle, WA; 3/26/09

Meet City Council candidate David Miller By Doree
“We have an urban village strategy in Seattle. Instead of allowing growth in every area, it’s going to happen here, here and here,” he says. “I think everybody agrees that urban sprawl is bad. The same thing is bad for intra-urban sprawl.” He says decreasing tree canopy and a less-than-comprehensive bus system make urban density difficult for many to swallow.
“Growth that happens within the urban village boundaries is responsible,” he says. “And growth that occurs outside that, especially with urban tree canopy, is irresponsible.”

School board agrees to double tree count in response to outcry following tree removal for improvements; Oakville, Ontario, Canada; 3/26/09

School Board plans to replace trees at MontclairOakville Today - Oakville,Ontario,Canada
Concerns from residents about the removal of trees to make way for the Montclair Public School expansion are being subdued by a plan to double the number of plants on the property.
An expansion is planned and slated to begin shortly on the White Oaks area-school to create five new classrooms in response to the closure of nearby Lorne Skuce Public School. The concern began when residents noticed several mature trees painted with a bright orange X on their bases.
Information from the Town of Oakville does indicate that nine mature trees on the property will be removed as part of the expansion. However, the Halton District School Board has agreed, as part of the Site Planning process, to plant 22 new trees on the property.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Parks reopen after serving as staging areas for ice storm cleanup; Fayetteville, AR; 3/24/09

Most Fayetteville Parks Open After Ice Storm Debris Cleared KHBS/KHOG 40/29 - Fort Smith,AR,USA
Fayetteville Parks and Recreation Department announced Tuesday that a number of city parks have been reopened after ice storm debris has been cleared.
A news release from the Parks and Recreation said, "We have lost many beautiful and popular trees, as well as tree canopies that provided shade within our parks and trails systems. Our Urban Forestry and Horticulture teams are working on plans to restore these areas."

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Casey UTC blog and Elysium Saint's City UTC blog share some love; New Orleans, LA; 3/21/09

Elysium: Urban Canopy Loss and Renewal in Post-Katrina New Orleans ...By Who?...
Thanks to the wonders of Google Analytics, I just found an awesome blog Urban Canopy News from Casey Trees. Casey Trees, it turns out, is a pretty rockin' organization with the below as their mission for the urban forest and community of Washington, D.C.:"Casey Trees plants trees, trains people to become Citizen Foresters, engages thousands of volunteers in tree planting and care, teaches students in District schools about trees, monitors the city's tree canopy and provides guidelines for better planting space design so trees will thrive in the city."

Trio of cities earn Tree City USA recognition; NC; 3/20/09

Tree Cities pop up around Gaston Gaston Gazette - Gastonia,NC,USA
Gastonia, Cramerton and Belmont are embracing national acclaim by becoming Tree City USA communities.
Gastonia earned the title seven years ago, and Cramerton in 2008. Belmont is the new kid on the tree-covered block, earning its designation this year.

Heat Island Basics; USA; 3/20/09

Alliance for Community Trees : Jobs By Jared Liu
Increasing the amount of trees by even a small margin would help. The US Forest Service has found increasing the urban tree canopy by just 1% would bring maximum midday city temperatures down by .07 to .36 degrees Fahrenheit.

UTC needs to be saved from developers, NIMBYs, & architects; London, UK; 3/20/09

The great chainsaw massacre Architects' Journal - London,UK
And what is all this to architects? The answer is everything. Tree husbandry is a skill we still need to learn. And who better to teach us than Norwegian architect Sverre Fehn, whose death we lamented last month (AJ 26.02.09) and who, over 40 years ago, built his simple, but breathtakingly subtle Nordic Pavilion in the Venice Biennale gardens. He incorporated three existing, growing trees into the pavilion, which have flourished ever since. A lesser architect might have cut them down. As William Blake once said, ‘a fool sees not the same tree that a wise man sees’.

Tree advocates and city staff cooperate to protect trees, incorporate them into green infrastructure projects; Ukiah, CA; 3/20/09

Urban foresters: Tree groups, city join forces to protect Ukiah's ...Ukiah Daily Journal - Ukiah,CA,USA
At times, according to Gordon and Sanders, agencies have not operated in a cohesive fashion. One example Sanders cites is the potential conflict between tree preservation and the need to move water efficiently from one place to another. In the case of the upcoming creek diversion near Gobbi and Oak Manor Drive, the Friends of Gibson Creek were, according to Sanders, "concerned that ancient oak trees along the creek would not be able to take the heavy equipment." The Friends requested the installation of a bio-swale so that runoff would percolate before it got to the stream.
"The city modified its plans to include the swale and protect the oak trees." It is this type of cooperative effort that both ReLeaf and Friends of Gibson Creek hope to foster and even formalize in some fashion, so that city staff may receive training and guidance from designated experts as needed, and the community can continue to have input on how to best protect and preserve its green resources.

Hike for KaTREEna makes sure St. Pats day in New Orleans is green with UTC restoration effort; New Orleans, LA; 3/19/09

Students plant Broadway’s greenery Maroon - New Orleans,LA,USA
Students were more than just wearing green this St. Patrick’s Day weekend; they were being “green.”Many woke up at 8:15 a.m. on March 14 to plant trees along Broadway Street with Hike for KaTREEna.Hike for KaTREEna — a nonprofit organization that seeks to replant the New Orleans’ urban tree canopy destroyed by Hurricane Katrina — worked in conjunction with Tulane University, the City of New Orleans Department of Parks and Parkways and six neighborhood associations to create the “Replant Broadway” project, which planted 260 trees of six different varieties down the Uptown street. More than 250 volunteers —primarily Loyola and Tulane students — gathered at the Tulane quad in front of The Boot Bar and Grill in support of the event, grabbing shovels and working together in small planting groups from Fountainebleau Drive to the end of Broadway Street at the river.

Sudden oak death just one of many invasive pest threats to Britain's trees; UK; 3/18/09

Tree trouble ahead - London,England,UK
By early 2002, Phytophthora ramorum had arrived in nurseries and gardens in southern England. This was frightening, particularly for ''heritage'' garden owners, and especially those in wet areas of the south and west of Britain, since it soon became clear the disease was a pathogen most easily spread in wind-driven rain. There were predictions of important historic gardens on acid soils laid waste, filled with blasted, browning, wilting shrubs and trees or, worse still, barren of plants that had graced them for a century or more.

Flower festivals herald arrival of spring; South Korea; 3/19/09

Flower Festivals Blossom in Spring Korea Times - South Korea
Nothing signals the beginning of spring like the blossoming of flowers. As temperatures get warmer, delicate cherry blossoms, vibrant yellow cornus fruit flowers, pure white apricot blossoms and all kinds of flowers start appearing throughout the country.Everyone should take the opportunity to revel in the beauty of these flowers while they last until early April. Grab your cameras and follow the trail of the blossoming flowers throughout the country.A word of warning: Be prepared for the hordes of camera-toting tourists who are all eager to capture the fleeting beauty of the flowers.

Ice storm cleanup brings free mulch to residents; Fayetteville, AR; 3/18/09

Ice storm cleanup: Round 2 : City begins second pass Northwest Arkansas Times - Fayetteville,AR,USA
To put it in perspective, what has been chipped so far would cover 700 to 800 acres up to 4 inches deep, Marr said.
He said Jordan does not want the debris to be burned, so the resulting chips will be given away to residents, landscaping companies and "anybody that wants to take it."

Friday, March 20, 2009

Landscape Architect named Tree Advocate of the Year; Norwalk, CT; 3/17/09

Overall named Norwalk Tree Advocate of the Year Norwalk Plus Magazine - USA
Nick Overall, a landscape architect energetically dedicated to promoting Norwalk’s urban forest, has been named the Norwalk Tree Alliance’s first Tree Advocate of the Year. An engraved plaque is to be presented to him May 16 at the Norwalk-Wilton Tree Festival in Cranbury Park on the Norwalk-Wilton line, a free day of fun and arboreal education for the family.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

50 trees to be given to 50 top entries in UTC essay contest; Cumberland, MD; 3/16/09

Cumberland Times-News - Friday is deadline for urban tree canopy ...

The contest is open to residents of all ages. Fifty trees will be given away to the top 50 essays. Essays will be evaluated by city staff. The winning essayist will be recognized at the Arbor Day Festival on April 23.In 500 words or less describe the importance of trees in an urban setting like Cumberland or how you can contribute to the enhancement of the urban tree canopy in the city or the writer’s community.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Forester works to enhance tree canopy through university, parks and recreation; Fort Smith, AR; 3/16/09

Forester Keeps Eye On Area’s Trees Fort Smith Times Record - Fort Smith,AR,USA
“We have to have goals,” Litchy said, “and one of ours is to increase the tree canopy.”Lacey Jennen, Litchy’s predecessor on the job and now her supervisor at UAFS, estimated Fort Smith’s tree canopy at 13 percent in 2006 — a far cry from the 40 percent canopy recommended for community health.To help increase the canopy, Litchy oversees a commemorative tree planting program, assisting donors in selecting a suitable tree for planting in Oak Cemetery or any of the city’s parks.

Commission to hear "State of the Urban Forest"; Rome, GA; 3/16/09

Turn lane tops city agenda Rome News-Tribune - Rome,GA,USA
A “State of the Urban Forest” address and construction of a turn lane on Turner McCall Boulevard at North Fifth Avenue top the Rome City Commission’s agenda today.
Connie Head, a consulting urban forester with Commerce-based Technical Forestry Services, is scheduled to present commissioners with the results of an analysis of vegetation and tree ordinances during the caucus.
The city’s tree board is developing a strategic plan to protect and enhance the tree canopy and to educate the community. The work is slated to be launched at a two-hour session starting at 2 p.m. Wednesday at City Hall.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

"We took a whack, now we're back"; Atlanta, GA; 3/13/09

One year later, tornado’s scars linger Atlanta Journal Constitution - Atlanta,GA,USA
The tornado yanked a maple tree out of the ground and tossed it two blocks. The tree Amos climbed as a kid landed in the parking lot of the Georgia World Congress Center.
“Lots of trees are gone,” he said. “That’s the first thing I noticed.”

City flunking climate change report card; Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; 3/12/09

City Flunking Climate Change Report Card Raise the Hammer - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
What struck me about the report card is that the measures the city has more or less adopted - sponsoring a conference, taking an inventory of city GHG emissions, setting a tree canopy timetable, and establishing an after-hours lights-out program - are relatively trivial and don't require a significant transformation of the city's priorities.
They're mostly window dressing on a municipal system of land use and transportation that is still largely antithetical to real GHG reductions.

City celebates 400th anniversary with planting of 400 native and heritage fruit trees; Kilkenny,Ireland; 3/11/09

Tree-planting project comes to fruition Kilkenny People - Kilkenny,Ireland
ONE of the first and most visible projects of the Kilkenny 400 celebrations started to take shape last week with the planting of fruit trees in the Castle Park and in several schools.
The first of the 400 fruit trees, which are being planted by Future Proof Kilkenny and other local groups, were put into soil on Wednesday at Gaelscoil OsraĆ­ in Loughboy

Experts estimate loss of 6% of UTC in next 10 years due to ash borer; Toronro, Ontario, Canada; 3/10/09

ENVIRONMENT: Beetles will likely wipe out ash trees across city - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Toronto's emerald ash borer infestation can't be held back and will kill nearly every ash tree in the city over the next decade, Toronto's Urban Forestry director Richard Ubbens says.
"These things can travel 25 kilometres, no problem," he added. "When you see the outward effects, the tree is dying already."
The beetles pose no danger to humans but an estimated six per cent of Toronto's tree canopy is ash, a hardwood that plays an important role in the regeneration of forests.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tree census effort stays in Vegas; Las Vegas, NV; 3/9/09

Arborists conduct citywide tree census KVBC - Las Vegas,NV,USA
Watkins is a master arborist. There are less than 250 of them in the country. He and his wife Mary are part of a team of tree specialists hired by Las Vegas for an ambitious, ecological project: cataloging and recording every tree in the city's urban forest.
"(It's a) tool for the city - being able to know what they have as far as species diversity, know what they have as far as the overall health and quality of the existing trees, and they can create a road map to increase their existing canopy cover," continues Watkins.
The reason for surveys like this is simple: You can't manage an urban forest until you know what you have.

County governments association recognizes member for green space preservation and passive recreation; Forsyth County, GA; 3/9/09

Forsyth Co. recognized for Sawnee Mountain preservation Access North Georgia - Gainesville,GA,USA
The Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) and Georgia Trend magazine have named Forsyth County among the recipients of the fourth annual County Excellence Awards. The County Excellence Awards recognize local government programs and services that are highly innovative, improve efficiency in government operations and demonstrate leadership in problem solving and planning. Forsyth County is one of eight recipients statewide.Forsyth County’s award is for the Sawnee Mountain Preserve. The creation of thePreserve established protection of 963 acres of green space in a fast developing county and led to development of a passive recreation park featuring hiking trails, a visitor center, amphitheater and a variety of outdoor programming.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Signing of U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement spurs grass-roots tree planting effort downtown; Chattanooga, TN; 3/9/09

Chattanooga: Grass-roots efforts boost tree count downtown Chattanooga Times Free Press - Chattanooga,TN,USA
In 2006, Mayor Ron Littlefield signed the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, which committed Chattanooga to cutting carbon dioxide emissions 7 percent below 1990 levels. The next year Leadership Chattanooga, with the assistance of city forester Gene Hyde, formulated the project and hired Preston Roberts as its coordinator.
Mr. Roberts said they hope about 800 more trees can be planted in the downtown zone within the next year or two.
But that will take more money. The first 620 trees were planted at an estimated cost of $88,000 obtained through private and corporate funding, as well as a $100,000 grant from the Benwood Foundation and a matching $12,000 state grant. Chattanooga has not provided financial support, but the city has provided offices for Take Root and consultation services by Mr. Hyde.

Drought leads to Arbor Day focus on tree care rather than tree planting; Chico, CA; 3/6/09

Arbor Day focus: Care instead of planting trees Enterprise-Record - Chico,CA,USA
Rather than planting trees in honor of Arbor Day, the city decided to focus on the care, maintenance and pruning of trees. City Urban Forester Denice Britton said that was partly because of the drought recently declared by Gov. Arnold Schwarznegger.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Denver Digs Trees' UTC enhancement strategy includes free or inexpensive street trees; Denver, CO; 3/4/09

Group Offers Free & Inexpensive Street - Denver,CO,USA
There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such a thing as a free tree."What we are trying to do is increase the urban canopy in under-canopied neighborhoods," Robert Bond with the Denver Digs Trees program said.Limited canopy basically means there aren't many trees in particular neighborhoods. "There aren't many trees, so you end up having the concrete heat effect. So we are trying to provide as many trees to try to mitigate that," Bond said.

Texas Tree Foundation presents plan for strategic tree planting to enhance envirornmental benefits; Dallas, TX; 3/4/09

Dallas council puts two convention hotel-related proposals on ballot Dallas Morning News - Dallas,TX,USA
The plan presented by the Texas Tree Foundation identified five tracts to demonstrate the benefits not simply of planting trees, but of planting them in areas where they can best reduce rainwater runoff, collect emissions from cars and reduce ambient air temperatures.
The city currently has a tree canopy of around 8 percent. Ideally, that canopy would grow to 30 percent, the council learned.
Plantings could be targeted in areas of high traffic congestion, near "hot" buildings that generate and hold heat at their rooftops, and near water sources, among other sites.

Putting the 'park' in parking lot; Toronto, ON, Canada; 3/4/09

Putting the ‘park’ in parking lot Eye Weekly - Toronto,ON,Canada
Though those making proposals didn’t realize it at the time, it turns out that converting at least part of the Queen and Soho parking lot into a park proper is a tangible possibility. Thanks to the indefatigable Freedom of Information–request skills of’s Rami Tabello (because what else would an anti-billboard activist do in his spare time but track down illegal parking lots), we now know that the city actually owns a section of the parking lot. The strip of parking spaces that runs along the eastern side of the lot is, in fact, a large boulevard leased to the lot for their parking purposes (an agreement called an “encroachment”). Back in the 1960s, when the original building was demolished, more parking was seen as a welcome addition, so it made sense for the city to lease the strip of land when the property owner eventually decided to opt for a vertically unambitious development.

UTC grant will fund Earth Day volunteer plantings; Williamsport, MD; 3/4/09

Williamsport community news Hagerstown Morning Herald - Hagerstown,MD,USA
The Town of Williamsport, in partnership with the Maryland Forest Service, will plant trees on Potomac Street Saturday, April 18, from 8 a.m to noon.
The project will coincide with the downtown merchants' event for Earth Day.
The town received a $14,000 Urban Tree Canopy Grant and is recruiting volunteers to help with the plantings.

Indiana State receives Tree Campus USA recognition; Terra Haute, IN; 3/4/09

Indiana State named a Tree Campus USA Terre Haute Tribune Star - Terre Haute,IN,USA
The Arbor Day Foundation has honored Indiana State University with a Tree Campus USA designation for its dedication to campus forestry management and environmental stewardship. ISU is one of only two universities in Indiana and only 29 colleges and universities nationwide to achieve the Tree Campus USA designation.

In the face of public outcry, council balks at completing remove and replace plan after removals have been completed; Pasadena, CA; 3/3/09

Council leans toward ban on removing healthy trees Pasadena Star-News - Pasadena,CA,USA
The city took preliminary steps Monday to order a suspension on tree removals, and officials could examine the possibility of changing the existing plan to replace ficus trees removed along Colorado Boulevard with ginkgo and palm trees.
Tree removal has come into focus as an issue over the last two months as the city went back and forth on the Colorado plan, which targeted for removal 35 trees in the city's Playhouse District between Los Robles Boulevard and Lake Boulevard, along with several more on side streets.

Web site suggests trees to mark life's milestones; GA; 3/3/09

Web site suggests trees to mark life’s milestones Atlanta Journal Constitution - GA, USA
“The Grove” is geared toward encouraging people to plant a tree for a lasting legacy, while also helping replace the estimated 50 acres of tree canopy lost each day to development in the state between 1991 and 2005, she said.
Users can search for trees by life moments, such as marriage or retirement; by sentiment, such as expressing love or friendship; or by tree, to read the meaning of each. The site also teaches about selection, tree care and planting tips.

Arbor Day planting part of 22-city initiative to double UTC with 5 million new trees by 2025; Rancho Cordova, CA; 3/2/09

Rancho Cordova Celebrates Arbor Day With Tree Planting Rancho Cordova Post - Rancho Cordova,CA,USA
The City of Rancho Cordova will commemorate Arbor Day a couple days early by planting two Chinese Pistache trees in a ceremony in front of City Hall (2729 Prospect Park Dr.) on Thursday, March 5th at 10 a.m. Participating in the planting will be Council Members Linda Budge and Bob McGarvey with other City officials and staff. Also attending will be Cindy Blain, Greenprint Relations Director of the Sacramento Tree Foundation.
The City is an active partner in the Greenprint initiative which includes 22 cities, Sacramento County, and three surrounding counties. Greenprint’s focal point is to double the region’s urban tree canopy by planting 5 million new trees by 2025. The four-year-old initiative was the vision of the Sacramento Tree Foundation. Council Member Budge was the Tree Foundation’s founding president and currently serves on the Greenprint steering committee.

MIlitary base and local community partner to restore storm-related UTC losses; Prattville, AL; 3/6/09

Arbor Day 2009 Maxwell Gunter Dispatch - Montgomery,AL,USA
Base leaders, tree-planting volunteers, children from Maxwell Elementary School, and even Woodsy the Owl got down and dirty in honor of Arbor Day on Feb. 19. Recognition of the day was in the form of a ceremonial tree planting and program at the school, and two days later, 100 base volunteers helped to restore Prattville’s trees hit hard by a tornado in February 2008.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Urban forestry strike team uses high-tech tools to assess storm impacts; Fayetteville, AR; 3/2/09

Urban Forestry Strike Team Assesses Park Damage KHBS/KHOG 40/29 - Fort Smith,AR,USA
Since the ice storm, the skyline has looked a little different in northwest Arkansas. Tops of trees were destroyed beyond repair, wiping out entire tree canopies. Thousands of trees, especially in the area's most well-known parks, were damaged or destroyed.
A special team of arborists with the Urban Forestry Strike Team was in town Friday to assess the damage. Their first stop was at Fayetteville's Wilson Park.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

City tree code rewrite, more than a year in the making, still leaves issues unadressed; Denton, TX; 2/28/09

City readies tree code for vote Denton Record Chronicle - Denton,TX,USA
Some said the plan leaned too heavily toward tree replacement, rather than preservation, and complained it would allow clear-cutting in some cases. Others said it still lacked enough incentives for developers to save trees.
Like the current code, the proposal would require a permit for many tree removals. The applicant would submit an inventory of trees on the site and a plan for mitigating their removal, either by planting new trees on- or off-site or paying into a city-managed tree fund — options already offered to developers.