Friday, March 27, 2009

School board agrees to double tree count in response to outcry following tree removal for improvements; Oakville, Ontario, Canada; 3/26/09

School Board plans to replace trees at MontclairOakville Today - Oakville,Ontario,Canada
Concerns from residents about the removal of trees to make way for the Montclair Public School expansion are being subdued by a plan to double the number of plants on the property.
An expansion is planned and slated to begin shortly on the White Oaks area-school to create five new classrooms in response to the closure of nearby Lorne Skuce Public School. The concern began when residents noticed several mature trees painted with a bright orange X on their bases.
Information from the Town of Oakville does indicate that nine mature trees on the property will be removed as part of the expansion. However, the Halton District School Board has agreed, as part of the Site Planning process, to plant 22 new trees on the property.

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