Friday, February 27, 2009

Science in the house, yo; Olympia, WA; 2/27/09

Rap Music Brings Science to Urban Youth - New York,NY,USA
As I watched Duke capture the attention of his classmates, I realized I could similarly use rap music to connect urban kids with forests — something that would be difficult for me to do alone without such a device. So soon after watching Duke's performance, I incorporated a recording of his nature rap song into my classroom presentations to inner city youth. To my delight, this technique worked every time!
No sooner would I start playing Duke's song to a class than even the most disengaged child would invariably snap to wide-eyed, wide-eared attention. Suddenly, these urban kids, who had previously had little first-hand exposure or interest in nature wanted to learn about forest creatures, like snakes, strangler figs and gliding arboreal mammals.

Proposed tree-cutting bylaw stirs strong feelings between foresters v. urbanites; Huntsville, Ontario, Canada; 2/25/09

Landowners should make own decisions on tree-cutting Huntsville Forester - Ontario, Canada
In an attempt to protect landowners from themselves, the bylaw legislates what a landowner can and cannot do with the trees on their privately owned — not publicly owned — property.
I would also suggest the writer do their homework and learn the difference between land development and timber harvesting. Land development is where trees are cut down so that structures can be built on the property. Timber harvesting is where trees are cut for the purpose of utilizing the wood and or improving the health and vitality of the forested property. There’s a huge difference. These are two different industries with two distinct purposes. Don’t confuse or lump the two together just because both involve the cutting of trees.

Douglas fir crowned Britain's tallest tree; Argyll, Scotland, UK; 2/26/09

Pictured: The 210ft Stronardron Douglas fir that's been crowned ...Daily Mail - UK
It is the height of 15 double decker buses stacked on top of each other and would tower 40ft over Nelson's Column.
This colossal tree - believed to be between 100 to 150 years old - was yesterday named the tallest in Britain.
The Stronardron Douglas Fir already measures 209ft but experts believe there is plenty of growth left in her yet.

Interim tree protection bill passes; Seattle, WA; 2/23/09

City Council passes measure to protect trees Ballard News Tribune - Seattle,WA,USA
The Seattle City Council voted today to establish new interim tree protections that will limit tree removal in areas zoned for single-family, lowrise, midrise and commercial structures.
“It’s critical that the city follow through on its goal of growing our tree canopy,” said Council President Richard Conlin, sponsor of the legislation. “Protecting mature trees from unnecessary removal will contribute to our ability to fight the effects of global warming, mitigate flooding and the toxic effects of storm water run-off, safeguard the habitat of the city’s urban wildlife, and keep Seattle an attractive, vibrant city long regarded for its natural beauty.”

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Free trees, technical assistance to mitigate impacts of ice storm damage to 4,000 acres of UTC; Fayetteville, AR; 2/24/09

Replanting Trees Recommended To Revive Greenspace KHBS/KHOG 40/29 - Fort Smith,AR,USA
Massive cleanup efforts are under way to pick up debris left by last month's ice storm, but what about the area's damaged green space? Community leaders say replanting trees is the next priority.
VIDEO: Tree Replanting Is Next Priority
Most of the trees are damaged beyond repair -- trees snapped in half and broken branches, which will cause most of the trees to decay and die.
So to get the green space looking back to normal, thousands of trees will have to be replanted.

'Green healing process' to begin in wake of January ice-storm; Fayetteville, AR; 2/23/09

Replanting trees the next step for Fayetteville Northwest Arkansas Times - Fayetteville,AR,USA
January's ice storm knocked out more than 4,000 acres of Fayetteville's tree canopy, and even though Greg Howe, the city's urban forester, said the first priority is cleaning up the broken branches, he thinks replanting the city's trees is a definite need.
"We are hoping that now that there's been a declaration of emergency, some money from the federal government will be available," Howe said.
When the city's Tree and Landscape Advisory Committee met Tuesday, committee members agreed that the city and its residents needed to come up with ways to replant trees in the thousands. Committee member Chris Wilson recommended the committee look into reinventing the city's NeighborWoods program, a neighborhood-city partnering program that uses fundraising efforts to replant a city's urban forest.

Got stimulus? Tree planting is "shovel ready"; Guelph, Ontario, Canada; 2/23/09

• Tree-planting: it's 'shovel ready' Guelph Mercury - Guelph,Ontario,Canada
We should heed the advice of specialists like Sean Fox, of the University of Guelph's Arboretum, who says we should tote up the array of environmental, structural and health benefits that flow from a proper tree cultivation and management strategy.
Trees are the type of infrastructure that governments don't throw billions of dollars at, but tree-planting is the ultimate "shovel ready" project. With shovels in hand, we can all march to a planting site and get some seedlings off to a good start.

College's landscape restoration plans have magnolia fans up in arms; Charleston, SC; 2/23/09

The view from the trees Charleston Post Courier - Charleston,SC,USA
Ed Pinckney isn't surprised about the uproar against chopping down several magnolias next to Randolph Hall at the College of Charleston.
"That's a typical reaction these days," he says. "In kindergarten, they were taught to save trees. And they're right. I love saving trees. My profession is half about saving trees. The other half is putting them in the right place when you plant them."

New tree law a good starting point; Seattle, WA; 2/22/09

New tree law just a start Seattle Post Intelligencer - USA
The Seattle City Council expects to vote Monday on a new tree ordinance, but acknowledges the new law does not go far enough to protect city trees.
"It's a step in the right direction," said council President Richard Conlin. The "interim tree grove ordinance," or Council Bill 116404, strengthens protections against development for stands of trees -- 20 or more contiguous trees; trees with trunks more than 6 inches in diameter; and those deemed "exceptional."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog spotlight: New Orleans blog focuses on post-Katrina UTC

Elysium: Urban Canopy Loss and Renewal in Post-Katrina New Orleans ...
Elysium: Urban Canopy Loss and Renewal in Post-Katrina New Orleans at the Hands of Man
An occasional diary on random thoughts about art, life, and on a photography project documenting tree loss to the remaining 30% of urban canopy in post-Katrina New Orleans.

City seeks policies to better involve public in tree decisons; Encinitas, CA; 2/22/09

A tree policy grows in 'Little Oaks' San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego,CA,USA
The buzz of a chain saw ripping through wood could be the most hated sound in tree-loving Encinitas.
After all, this is the city whose very name means “little oaks” in Spanish.
It was hardly surprising that people complained when the city began cutting down 11 shade trees in Orpheus Park last month, not because the trees were diseased but because they blocked neighbors' views.

Center offers low cost bare root trees for public and private planting; DE; 2/22/09

A chance to plant a tree with 'street smarts 'The News Journal - Wilmington,DE,USA
If you're looking for a sign that warmer weather is on the way, consider that the deadline to order bare-root trees from the Delaware Center for Horticulture is just days away.
And by this time next month, the center will have planted more than 100 bare-root trees at locations throughout the city, including Riverview Cemetery, Brown Burton Winchester Park and Speakman Park.

City seeks to better manage its UTC; Guelph, ON, Canada; 2/21/09

Turning over a new leaf Guelph Mercury - Guelph,Ontario,Canada
For years, the state of Guelph's trees has been a sore point for local activists. Now, as the city ponders its urban forestry plan, some fear changes to tree management will come too late.

City eyes protection of Heritage Trees and UTC; Mississauga, ON, Canada; 2/20/09

City eyes plan to save heritage trees Mississauga - Mississauga,ON,Canada
A City of Mississauga initiative to protect and preserve trees includes the creation of an extensive database of old, rare and unique trees.The program also calls on residents to help out. A Mississauga Heritage Tree subcommittee report, presented at Wednesday's meeting of General Committee, calls for a two-pronged approach — creating awareness among residents and making appropriate changes to the City's bylaw – to preserve Mississauga's urban canopy.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Grove connects people to trees; GA; 2/20/09

Georgia Citizens Create Legacies by Planting Trees in The Grove SYS-CON Media - Montvale,NJ,USA
In an effort to educate, engage and encourage Georgians to plant trees and protect Georgia's urban tree canopy, the Georgia Urban Forest Council (GUFC) and the Georgia Forestry Commission (GFC) have joined forces to create a new Web site and online community called The Grove,
The Grove allows families and friends to share the experience of planting trees and commemorating special life moments. The Grove members can share their memories by uploading pictures and stories of their tree planting experiences for others to see and discuss. The Grove members can also create groups, or "groves," to connect, share and interact with other members within the virtual community.

Developers seek to weaken tree ordinance; Charlotte, NC; 2/20/09

Developers try to trim city’s plans for tree rules Charlotte Business Journal - Charlotte,NC,USA
Charlotte’s tree ordinance, adopted in 1978, aims to protect the city’s dwindling tree canopy.
The most current data from the city shows that Mecklenburg County lost 22% of its tree cover from 1984 to 2001.
But Charlotte’s real estate industry is trying to water down the city’s tree-preservation effort.
Major changes to the ordinance — three years in the making — were scheduled to go to City Council next month. But facing a steep development downturn, the industry is lobbying behind the scenes to get the new provisions trimmed.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Volunteers help city get rid of "unwanted canopy" for prarie restoration; Fort Worth, TX; 2/18/09

Prairie Power FWWeekly - Fort Worth,TX,USA
The city’s best example of native grassland prairie isn’t all that great anymore. Trees have been taking over Tandy Hills Natural Area for years, choking out the wild grasses and flowers that have made the park unique in North Texas.
Now, after years of neglect, the city of Fort Worth is showing a renewed commitment to restoring the park to the way it looked back when wildfires periodically cleared the land of trees and promoted the growth of grasses that sustained huge herds of buffalo.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New web site supports state's Arbor Day efforts; GA; 2/17/09

Leave a Legacy, Plant Trees on Arbor Day Catoosa County News - Ringgold,GA,USA
Special events to mark Arbor Day in Georgia include the online launch of The Grove, a website that educates, engages and encourages Georgians to plant trees and protect Georgia’s urban tree canopy. The virtual community established at will be officially activated on Feb. 20 to coincide with Arbor Day. The site allows families and friends to share their experiences of planting trees and commemorating special life moments. Members can create groups, or “groves,” to connect and share with others in The Grove’s online community.

Program gives trees and planting location plan to maximize energy reduction; Vineland, NJ; 02/16/09

Tree project to continue in Vineland Cherry Hill Courier Post - Cherry Hill,NJ,USA
The project, which costs about $500 per tree, is funded through the New Jersey Clean Energy Program's Societal Benefit Funds. The state Division of Parks and Forestry administers the program.

Monday, February 16, 2009

City founders' plantings now hazards and scheduled for removal; Encinitas, CA; 2/15/09

City will lose a few of its leafy landmarks San Diego Union Tribune - San Diego,CA,USA
A tree canopy that has gracefully shaded the community of Leucadia in Encinitas for more than a century will be thinned when crews cut down 11 eucalyptuses along North Coast Highway 101 that have been deemed dead or at risk of falling.
For many residents, the eucalyptus trees planted in the late 1800s by Leucadia's founders are landmarks that create much of the beach community's character.
The tree removal is scheduled to begin in late March.

Macon State wins Tree Campus USA designation; 2/4/09

Macon State College: News
Macon State has become just the second campus in Georgia to earn a Tree Campus USA College designation by the Arbor Day Foundation.
Tree Campus USA, a new national program launched by the Arbor Day Foundation, honors colleges and universities for promoting healthy urban forest management and engaging the campus community in environmental stewardship.

Essay contest will earn winners trees, raise UTC awareness; Cumberland, MD; 2/14/09

City hopes essay contest raises awareness of Urban Tree Canopy Program Cumberland Times-News - Cumberland,MD,USA
An urban tree canopy essay contest is being held to increase awareness of Cumberland’s Urban Tree Canopy Program. Fifty trees will be given away to the top 50 essays. Essays will be evaluated by city staff. The winning essayist will be recognized at the Arbor Day Festival on April 23. In 500 words of less describe:
• The importance of trees in an urban setting like Cumberland, or
• How you can contribute to the enhancement of the urban tree canopy in Cumberland.

Arborists examine how trees fail; Napa, CA; 2/14/09

An update on tree failures Napa Valley Register - Napa,CA,USA
As it has been my custom, 14 years in a a row, in January I attended the annual meeting of the California Tree Failure Report Program (CTFRP). This ongoing project, sponsored by the University of California Cooperative Extension Half Moon Bay office, under the guidance of UCCE Farm Advisor Larry Costello, focuses on the causes and effects of of trees falling down or falling apart.

City, NGO partner to offer trees to replenish UTC lost in storm; Buffalo, NY;

Lest We Forget the City of Trees... City Buffalo Rising By Justin Booth
In an effort to continue ongoing reforestation efforts, Re-Tree WNY is partnering with the City of Buffalo to again provide free trees and supplies to plant within the public right-of-way (between sidewalk and street curb) and non-Olmsted parks in neighborhoods this Spring on May 2nd & 3rd. If you are interested in doing a neighborhood tree planting this Spring in the City of Buffalo, Re-Tree WNY is asking all interested groups to follow the steps outlined below in order to secure trees for the planting:

City recognized as Tree City USA; Lake Elsinore, CA; 2/13/09

LAKE ELSINORE: Lake Elsinore named a Tree City USA North County Times - Escondido,CA,USAWhile businesses come and go in the historic downtown district, one thing remains a constant ---- the canopy of trees that invites visitors to a calm drive or leisurely stroll down Main Street.The corridor is one of numerous spots around town notable for trees, and in recognition of that and efforts to preserve and promote botanical treasures, the city has a new handle: Tree City USA.

Engineer offers excellent tree + stormwater technical assistance resource; 2/13/09

Using Trees to Manage Stormwater - (Green Street Series ... By Matt Baumgardner, PE
Trees have an integral part in the green street stormwater strategy. Essentially, they help to collect rainwater in the canopy and then direct that water to the ground - allowing the water to infiltrate and recharge the groundwater table in a controlled manner. Water stored in the canopy is transpired back to the atmosphere.
The key factor impacting the tree’s ability to peform these tasks effectively is inadequate soil volume. Trees often have their root movement restricted within tree box installations. Highly compacted soils from pavement installation also impedes the roots from growing to full potential. The compacted soil acts as a deterent to stormwater infiltration, as well. The net effect is that the trees are smaller with reduced canopies.

Fatal storm causes widespread damage; Staten Island, NY; 2/13/09

Fatal storm wreaks havoc across Island Staten Island Advance - - Staten Island,NY,USA
With fearsome gusts reaching peaks of 60 mph, the windstorm that ravaged the borough yesterday killed a man, brought down giant trees, awnings, industrial signs and wires.

Nation's capital gets federal funds for public space UTC study; Washington, DC; 2/12/09

District Gets $165500 For Urban Tree Canopy Washington Post - United States
The District and four state partners -- Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Vermont -- have been awarded a federal grant to identify urban locations for planting trees. The District's Urban Forestry Administration will work with agencies from the four states to enhance urban tree canopies in public spaces.

Town funds public tree inventory in anticipation of arrival of ash borer; Milton, ON, Canada; 2/13/09

Tree-killing beetle on way here? Milton Canadian Champion - Milton,ON,Canada
The Town is girding for the apparently inevitable spread of a shiny green, Ash tree-killing beetle native to Asia, something that could wipe out much of the community’s trees and cost the Town millions of dollars in future years.
With no apparent large-scale controls on the beetle’s devastation, the Town appears left with no option except to simply figure out how to manage the spread and estimate how much it will cost to remove and replace Ash trees killed by the invasive species.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Street tree master plan calls for gradual changes in species composition; Alameda, CA; 2/12/09

New City Tree Plan: Urban Forest in Flux Alameda Sun - Alameda,CA,USA
Just a few Alamedans concerned about the status of their city's 15,000 or so "street" trees recently sat through a two-hour Master Tree Plan Update derived from a 51-page document called the "Tree Inventory Results & City-wide Planting Palette."
Nothing like this has been produced for the Master Tree Plan since 1989, but exactly when and how the new update findings may be implemented is problematic at this time. That's due to the general economy and budget constraints, according to Deputy Public Works Director/Engineer Barbara Hawkins. But, she emphasized, a canopy of beautiful trees not only makes Alameda a better place to live, but adds substantially to property values.

Urban opinions put rural dwellers at risk for catastrophic fire; Australia; 2/12/09

Bushfire management: where to from here On Line opinion - Australia
A second issue is that people who live in the bush (and here I am targeting the so-called “tree-changers” who have moved into rural areas from the city), must learn more about bushfire behaviour, bushfire preparedness and damage mitigation. For example there is a basic law of bushfire physics understood by almost no one outside the fire community: a four-fold increase in fire intensity occurs with every doubling in the tonnage of fuel on the ground. If you are living adjacent to a national park which has not been burnt for 20 years and is carrying 30 tonnes of leaf litter, twigs, dry trash and tree bark, then you need to know that if a fire gets into this stuff the fire brigade will most likely be unable to put it out. Furthermore, the fire will throw spot fires miles downwind, and if these land in long unburnt fuel the result with be a coalescence of small fires into a massive fire, totally destructive and utterly unstoppable.

Mixed bag from council gives citizens wooded preservation, mature street tree removal; Pasadena, CA; 2/12/09

Man vs. nature Pasadena Weekly - Pasadena,CA,USA
Pasadena’s trees got something of a split decision Monday from City Council members, who, in the course of a few hours, allocated $2 million toward preserving more than 20 acres of verdant, undeveloped hillside but refused to halt the controversial removal of 11 large-canopy ficus trees along East Colorado Boulevard.

Fire fuel reduction resources needed for UTC management where development meets woods; Australia; 2/12/09

Time to heed the warnings Melbourne Herald Sun - Melbourne,Australia
Here, let me quote the Department of Sustainability and Environment's fire manager of the very region which contains the now annihilated towns of Kinglake and Marysville, where so many of our 200 dead perished.
Here he is, just 16 months ago, telling a parliamentary inquiry how far behind the DSE was on its paltry targets for prescribed burns - and why:
"It is hard to put a finger on, to say in this urban interface environment how you can increase that level of prescribed burning - double it, to get up to our target - without having a huge influx of resources." (My emphasis.)
Those resources never came.
But resources sure were there for the green causes this Government preferred to chase.

Film describes conflict between UTC preservation and development; Austin, TX; 2/12/09

Pecan Grove's Demise Debuts at Sedona International Film Festival PR Web (press release) - Ferndale,WA,USA
Pecan Grove's Demise Debuts at Sedona International Film Festival
"At What Cost?," a short documentary by Tom Suhler, has been chosen as an official selection for the Sedona International Film Festival. The film documents the demise of a 100-year-old pecan grove in the heart of Austin, which was cut down to make room for the BartonPlace Condominiums. The film takes the form of a fictional obituary for one of the trees cut down.

County gives away trees as part of UTC enhancement plan; Arlington County, VA; 2/11/09

Government Picks Tree Types for Giveaway Sun Gazette - Washington,DC,USAThe Arlington County government is hoping to give away 1,200 trees for Neighborhood Day, part of an ongoing initiative to expand the tree canopy in the county.This year's giveaway will feature two types of saplings - the burr oak and the American filbert.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lack of shade due to tree felling brings heat to city council meeting; Pasadena, CA; 2/10/09

Larry Wilson: Standing tall on tree issue Pasadena Star-News - Pasadena,CA,USA
There were some certainly practical arguments at the council meeting from Playhouse District businesses about roots invading pipes and buckling sidewalks. There were impassioned, oxygenated pleas from acknowledged tree-huggers. It was hard to say which side would carry the day. But at the end came a calm, expert opinion from local architect Chris Peck, a Design Commission and Urban Forestry Advisory Committee, nothing like a fanatic on the side of commerce or of foliage. After a lot of study, he had figured out something extremely significant about the old master tree plan - those who voted for it quite likely didn't realize adding the new trees would require cutting down the stately, rather beloved trees that are already here.

Chesapeake Bay Trust grant helps city advance UTC goal; Frederick, MD; 2/10/09

Grant will fund city tree planting Frederick News Post (subscription) - Frederick,MD,USA
A $15,000 grant from the Chesapeake Bay Trust will help the City of Frederick increase its tree canopy.
The grant will help the city purchase trees to be planted along streets and roads.
The trees are part of a $120,000 reforestation plan to increase Frederick's urban tree canopy. The initiative will plant 2,500 trees in parks across the city over the next year.

New city budget includes provisions for UTC increase through plantings and maintenance; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 2/10/09

Toronto's budget protects City services and supports residents and ...Canada NewsWire (press release) - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Toronto's budget protects City services and supports residents and businesses
Budget reflects the role of City government and responds to economic
Highlights include increasing the City's tree canopy through increased plantings and maintenance.

Trees part of downtown riverfront solution; Baton Rouge, LA; 2/10/09

Advisers: Growth needed near river 2TheAdvocate - Baton Rouge,LA,USA
River Road should be reduced to three lanes where it is now four, allowing for some additional green space and South Boulevard could become a tree-lined artery, he said.
Doug Reed, of landscape architecture firm Reed Hildebrand, talked of creating a canopy of trees throughout downtown, but said the average lifespan of a poorly maintained urban tree is seven years.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Councilman pushes for UTC increase; St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada; 2/8/09

Councillor wants city to increase tree canopy St. Catharines Standard - St. Catharines,Ontario,Canada
“Trees are the lungs of a city,” Elliott said. They “remove pollutants and carbon from the air, provide cooling effects, reduce energy consumption and allow rain to reach the water table.”
In the summer, downtown streets can be as much as 10 degrees hotter than the suburbs, Elliott said, as idling vehicles and sunbaked pavement cause temperatures to rise. Vehicle emissions make the hot air foul to breathe.
“What plans do we have to put in place to foster a healthy canopy in the heart of our city?” Elliott asked.

UTC effort waste of stimulus?; Virginia Beach, VA; 2/8/09

Beach leads list with silly ways to spend tax dollars ...
Virginia Beach's signature silliness? That would be $1.8 million to replace tennis courts. The fact that the Beach is being spanked for its tennis proposal is a sign that critics aren't looking closely enough. Frankly, $3.75 million for urban tree canopy protection is a better example.
Replacing old spans, like the aging Lesner Bridge, fit the bill.
But new tennis courts? Tree canopies? Playgrounds?
Please. And who cares if these items are at the bottom of the list? They should never have been on there at all.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

State budget crisis threatens youth Green Jobs program; CA; 2/7/09

California Work Program for Young Is Threatened New York Times - New York,NY,USA
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger wants to eliminate the program as the state struggles with a $42 billion budget deficit. Under the governor’s proposed budget, the state would take back the $34 million in general funds it spends on the corps each year, though some money would be funneled into work corps programs run by local governments and nonprofit groups.
California’s program is modeled on the Civilian Conservation Corps, which put three million young, unemployed men to work from 1933 to 1942. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s “tree army” or “soil soldiers” planted more than two billion trees, restored eroding soil in the Dust Bowl states, developed 800 new state parks, erected one million miles of fences, and built bridges, roads and 13,000 miles of hiking trails in places like Yosemite and Grand Canyon National Parks.

Wind effects on hangers a danger for residents; Fayetteville, AR; 2/7/09

Fire department halts burn permits Northwest Arkansas Times - Fayetteville,AR,USA
Lawson said the fire department will re-evaluate weather conditions routinely. Burn permits will be issued when conditions are deemed safe.
The wind also worries Fayetteville Urban Forester Greg Howe.
"My biggest concern right now is that there are branches that are broken off and are hanging from the trees by a small piece of bark," he said, adding that the winds predicted for the weekend could cause these branches to fall.
"People working in their yards need to look up and see what is above them," Howe said.
He said these branches are called hangers or widow makers, "and they call them widow makers for exactly that reason - they can kill someone."

Friday, February 6, 2009

LEAF awards celebrates city's trees; Toronto, Canada; 2/6/09

LEAF Celebrates Toronto Trees - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
With snow-covered yards and leaves yet to bud, this isn't the time of year most of us turn our attention to the trees, but for LEAF, that's exactly what they did Wednesday night at the Gladstone. For the third straight year Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (yeah, I think the acronym LEAF came first) held their annual celebration. After all, you gotta do something when you're not out planting trees.
Special guests included Deputy Mayor Joe Pantalone and councilor Joe Mihevc, with good ol' Mayor Miller sending in a video message (he was in Switzerland with 39 other big city mayors fighting global warming). It was obvious the city enthusiastically supports LEAF, and is apparently getting ready to announce plans to plant (and prune) a whole lot of trees in the coming years.

Public-private partnership to increase UTC on private property and mitigate GHG; Courtenay, BC, Canada; 2/6/09

Nursery, city promoting treeplanting projectComox Valley Record - Courtenay,British Columbia,Canada
River Meadow Farms Nursery and the City of Courtenay are partnering in a project they hope will see residents plant 1,000 trees.
Council authorized staff to enter into a partnership whereby the nursery will sell residents trees at a discounted rate to plant on residential property in an effort to increase the urban tree canopy and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the city Monday.
This tree-planting initiative is a recommended action of the city’s Corporate Climate Action Strategy.
The residential tree planting partnership is proposed to launch this March as the 1,000 Trees program.
The goal of the program is to have residents plant 1,000 trees, which would equate to a two-tonne annual GHG offset or a 160-tonne offset through the estimated 80-year carbon-removing life of the trees, noted Henderson and Wiwchar.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Roanoke has "zero chance" of achieving UTC goal; Roanoke, VA; 2/5/09

Business/Finance: City Planning Commission Members Warn Council of ...By Valerie Garner
Rick Williams, Roanoke City Planning Commission member said, "there is zero chance of [Roanoke City] achieving its tree canopy goals." In 2003 Roanoke City Council set a goal of reaching a 40% tree canopy within 10 years. Commission member, Kent Chrisman, said that "one acre of clear cutting" wipes out any efforts on the part of the city’s streetscape efforts.
Chrisman said Roanoke is suffering from the Urban Island effect. The effect results in increased temperatures due to the thermal effect created by an increase in asphalt and pavement. He added that without the help of the private sector Roanoke would not meet its goal.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Mapping champion trees; Seattle, WA; 2/4/09

Science & Technology: Protecting old growth in the new world Seattle University Spectator - Seattle,WA,USA
For his research the Department has loaned Vincent a GPS device that is accurate down to several centimeters, and Vincent uses this in conjunction with graphic information system (GIS) software. He has focused on three coniferous and two deciduous species of trees in his efforts to map the old growth on the Seward Peninsula. Aside from simply noting the locations of old growth trees, he also records their size, height, canopy spread and density, trunk diameter and general health. In addition, he uses a device called a Dendrometer, which expands and contracts with a tree to measure water uptake and loss throughout the day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Urban architecture lethal for birds; NYC; 2/3/09

When Birds Collide, With Buildings - City Room Blog - By By Jennifer 8. Lee
Dr. Klem estimated in a 1991 study that between 100 million and a billion birds die each year in glass collisions — that’s a huge spread, we’d like to point out — which would make the single greatest human-caused reason for bird deaths in the United States [pdf]. He said that his research since then shows that the one billion figure is conservative.
And it’s not only the architecturally tall buildings that cause problems. Rather, the most hazardous areas of all buildings are the ground level and bottom few stories — in part because those reflect the surrounding tree canopies. So birds can hit even short, squat buildings.

Vision for a green county; Prince George's County, MD; 2/2/09

Residents and lawmakers envision a ‘greener' Prince George's Business Gazette - Gaithersburg,MD,USA
"If we continue on the path of destroying our planet, there won't be a 22nd century. We can create change—it's not impossible," said the Rev. Lennox Yearwood, the keynote speaker and president and CEO of Hip Hop Caucus, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit organization that empowers young people in urban communities to participate in the policymaking process. "This isn't a segregated climate movement—it's for blacks, whites and scientists."
The town of Edmonston is setting an example; it is constructing the state's first green street, which will be made from recycled materials like glass and will include a large tree canopy, said Mayor Adam Ortiz.

Trees slow to recover from ice storm damage; AK; 2/2/09

Trees slow to recover from ice storm damage Arkansas Democrat Gazette - AR,USA
The sounds of falling tree limbs and splitting trunks cracked through the air last week, echoing off of buildings and thick layers of ice and piercing the quiet of storm-worn Northwest Arkansas.
After two days of belowfreezing temperatures and ice accumulation, even large, mature trees succumbed to the weight, changing form through a series of snaps and cracks that promise to alter Northwest Arkansas' landscape for years to come.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ice storm's impacts to area trees could last years; Elizabethtown, KY; 1/31/09

Tree recovery from storm could take years News Enterprise - Elizabethtown, KY,USA
The exact toll of this past week’s storm on forests throughout the state remains gray, but foresters and arborists know it could be long-lasting and change landscapes statewide.
“It’s too soon to give an exact analysis on the storm’s impact, because it’s just too dangerous to get in the woods and look around,” said Leah MacSwords, director of Kentucky’s Division of Forestry. “But as people in the communities are seeing in their yards and in parks, there’s a lot of damage. And when trees are damaged like this, they are more susceptible to insects, disease and invasive species.”
Initial cleanup is one thing for MacSwords and Kentucky foresters tasked with ensuring health of the state’s swaths of harvestable trees, but clearing wood debris is only the beginning of a recovery that could take years.

Denver Digs Trees program deadline March 16; 1/29/09

Denver Digs Trees program deadline March 16 - Denver,CO,USA
Snow may still be on the ground, but spring is coming. In preparation for planting season, The Park People is now accepting applications for its annual Denver Digs Trees street tree program. Denver residents who have room to add a street tree must submit a tree request by March 16. Trees are just $25, or free for homeowners in 21 target neighborhoods.The trees will be distributed on Saturday, April 18. "Our Denver Digs Trees program is a time-honored tradition in Denver, and, as The Park People celebrates our 40th birthday this year, the program holds even more significance," says Paige Heydon-McCrary, executive director of The Park People. "Annually, we distribute between 1,200-1,600 street trees throughout Denver. We have enhanced the city's urban forest by adding more than 35,000 street trees, with hundreds more sold each year at our Earth Day tree sale."

Heat and drought grip Australia as people and trees suffer; Australia; 1/29/09

Australia swelters in searing heat
The extreme temperatures were threatening Melbourne's parks and gardens, said Mayor Robert Doyle, who announced an increase in water supplies to counter a 40 percent drop in soil moisture. Melbourne has 60,000 trees in its parks and streets and officials said they were most concerned about 15,000 trees growing in irrigated turf. "Our parks staff have indicated a number of trees are defoliating and canopies are thinning. Once defoliation takes place it is very hard to save the tree," said Doyle.

Plea to save ficus trees from removal plans; Pasadena, CA; 1/29/09

In defense of Pasadena's trees Pasadena Weekly - Pasadena,CA,USA
It would be a mistake to remove the ficus trees from Colorado Boulevard in favor of replacing them with ginkgo trees. The ginkgo species set to replace them would grow straight up in the air and would not provide much of a canopy, and frankly, the palm trees are not much different from telephone poles to a pedestrian walking beneath them.
While this tree-replacement scheme may seem advantageous for the audience seated in the grandstands at the Rose Parade in that their view of the floats would not be obstructed, ginkgo and palm trees provide very little shade and overhead cover to our streets for the other 364 days of the year. These ginkgo trees grow slowly and are deciduous, losing their leaves from November to March.

Milwaukie man saves people, then trees; Portland, OR; 1/28/09

Milwaukie man saves people, then trees Clackamas Review - Portland,OR,USA
For Dan Platter, “Trees are the greatest form of life. They embody life — they don’t move, they don’t talk, they don’t build skyscrapers. Everybody lives better when there are trees around.”
But the Milwaukie man doesn’t just like to look at trees, he nurtures hundreds of native trees in his backyard for people to plant in the area and recently launched a nonprofit dedicated to the cause.

A plea to save ficus trees; Pasadena, CA; 1/28/09

Ficus trees are best Pasadena Star-News - Pasadena,CA,USA
I have written to Mayor Bill Bogaard and the other Pasadena City Council members to say that it is a very sad day in Pasadena when some of our elected officials choose to kill 43 mature and healthy trees.
Ironically, on Jan. 12, while they were deciding to decrease the city's canopy, I was at a joint meeting of the Urban Forestry Committee and the Design Commission looking at ways to strengthen the tree ordinance in order to protect as many trees as possible.

City reforesation planned in response to beetle infestation; Worcester, MA; 1/30/09
Yesterday’s launch of the Worcester Tree Campaign was a standing-room-only event in Harrington Center at Quinsigamond Community College full of those interested to know what they could do to make Worcester, Shrewsbury, Holden, West Boylston and Boylston even better than before the Asian longhorned beetle infestation.