Friday, December 31, 2010

Lecture on preserving urban tree canopy Jan 10th - Manchester, NH

January home and garden events -
Ron Pitz, director of the Knox Parks Foundation, will discuss preserving the urban tree canopy Jan. 10 at 7:30 p.m. at the meeting of the Manchester Garden Club.

The meeting, at Center Congregational Church at the corner of Main and Center streets in Manchester, is free and open. For details, call Peg Newton at 860-649-4420.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stimulus funds available to get you a free planted tree only until December 31, 2010 - Philadelphia, PA

Calling garden loving city dwellers - HURRY UP and apply for a free tree - Philadelphia Gardening and Health |
Until December 31, 2010 there's an opportunity to have a tree planted outside your city home, using money from a grant that was awarded to the Philadelphia Parks & Recreation Department. The U.S. Forest Service, through enactment of the American Recovery & Reinvestment Act, has approved a grant of nearly $1.8 million to be used toward the restoration of Fairmount Park's ecosystems and a detailed study of the city's tree canopy.

Urban tree canopy grant given to county as part of water quality strategy - Jefferson County, WV

Tree planting grant given to county - | News, sports, jobs, community information for Martinsburg - The Journal:
The Jefferson County Commission, in partnership with the cities of Ranson and Charles Town, has been awarded a $22,600 Chesapeake Bay Enhancement Grant by the West Virginia Division of Forestry.

This grant will build on an effort initiated in 2009 in which Jefferson County, with the assistance of the West Virginia Potomac Tributary Strategy Implementation Team, began an Urban Tree Canopy assessment project. The county, in its effort to foster wider acceptance of voluntary best management practices (BMPs) for urban tree conservation and plantings, first developed an UTC assessment to determine the extent and location of tree canopy throughout the county.

Damascus approves tree ordinance at last meeting of the year - Damascus, OR

Damascus approves tree ordinance at last meeting of the year |
After more than three years of discussion, Damascus residents will soon have more restrictions relating to the cutting of trees than ever before.

The city passed an urban forestry ordinance on Tuesday that outlines a set of requirements for removal of trees and limits how many and what kind of cutting can be done.

A 4-2 vote at the last city council meeting of the year came after much heated debate about individual property rights versus the importance of establishing and protecting a tree canopy.

'It's not going to ensure we have a good canopy forever but it will help us with our ecosystems services and water retention,' said outgoing Mayor Jim Wright.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Proposed changes to tree ordinance intended to support 28% urban tree canopy goal - Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver Voice - Common canopy:
The pending changes would provide a definition of the word “destroy.”

“For the purposes of this Chapter, ‘destroy any tree’ shall mean: to damage, disfigure or cause injury or death which may include, but not be limited to topping, excessive pruning not consistent with nationally-accepted standards, poisoning, and trenching or excavating in such a manner as to make the tree root system not viable,” the proposed text states.

David Robertson, a Vancouver Heights resident, believes the added definition is needed,

“You have people that get told they can’t cut a tree down, so they cut off all the branches and claim they just pruned it down to being a stump or they will water the tree with anti-freeze until it dies,” Robertson said.

Mansfield receives trees for Christmas from Tree Board and Georgia Forestry Commission - Mansfield, GA

Mansfield receives trees for Christmas:
The city of Mansfield got a Christmas gift Monday that should last long into the future.

Members of the Mansfield Tree Board and the Georgia Forestry Commission planted 16 trees at three locations in the city. The trees were funded through a $1,000 Keep Covington-Newton Beautiful GREATways Grant, which encourages beautification of gateways and entrances throughout the county. In addition, in-kind contributions totaled about $2,060, and the city of Mansfield is funding a $450 cash match, putting the total project cost at $3,510.

The grant was awarded to help the Mansfield Tree Board continue its mission to protect, manage and improve the urban tree canopy in the city and surrounding community. The tree board was formed in 2008 and since that time has planted more than 50 trees.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Builder, spare that tree, says council - Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Builder, spare that tree, says council - Local News - News - General - Frankston Weekly:
FRANKSTON Council has reintroduced a law designed to protect the city's trees from building work that is performed too close to a tree.
Mayor Kris Bolam said there had been a 'very noticeable reduction of the city's tree canopy' since there had been no local law protecting trees from buildings constructed too close to a tree.

The resurrected local law applies to trees - including those on private property - with a circumference at the base of the trunk of 110centimetres or more.

The tree-protection zone is a circular area that extends from the centre of the trunk and which is equal to 12 times the diameter of the trunk.

In most cases, buildings and other constructions that encroach on more than 10per cent of this zone require a council permit. The law is similar to a tree-protection local law the state government revoked in October 2009 because it contravened part of the state's planning scheme.

'Garden state' at risk as population flourishes - Melbourne, Australia

'Garden state' at risk as population flourishes:
VICTORIA'S reputation as the garden state is under threat due to its increasing population, the first ever inventory of public land and open space for metropolitan Melbourne has found.

The state government commissioned audit by the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council found an increasing population and limited opportunities for the creation of new parks and gardens would mean further declines in public open space per capita for all municipalities bar one - the south-eastern City of Knox.

It forecast that open space per capita would halve by 2026 for growth municipalities with rapid housing development, such as Cardinia in the east, Hume in the north-west and Whittlesea in the north-east.

Clackamas County to establish countywide tree planting program - Clackamas County, OR

Clackamas County to establish countywide tree planting program |
Clackamas County is looking to establish a countywide tree planting program in an effort to increase tree canopy and coverage in urban unincorporated areas of the county.

The new program will incorporate current tree-planting programs that three departments -- water environment services, the North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District and the Clackamas County forestry program -- already use to improve riparian zones, increase tree canopy on park lands and improve watershed health. Those three programs planted roughly 9,515 trees in fiscal year 2009-10.

Tree Work Draws Park Twp. Neighborhood's Ire - Park township, MI

Tree Work Draws Park Twp. Neighborhood's Ire - 1450 WHTC Holland's Hometown Station:
Crews doing work for the Ottawa County Road Commission may be heading into a hostile environment today. That panel has ordered a number of maple trees along Lakeshore Drive in Park Township moved back or removed in order to improve drivers’ vision and road safety in that area. Some residents have been vigorously protesting such a move, saying that it would destroy the scenic tree canopy of that roadway.

Friday, December 17, 2010

City Councilmember Mello counts 33% Urban Tree Canopy goal among 2010's exciting initiatives - Takoma, WA

2010 in Ryan Mello’s words - Features - Weekly Volcano - The alternative newsweekly for Tacoma and Olympia:
"...the Urban Forestry Project has been really significant. We have a goal in our Comprehensive Plan that we adopted this year that says we are going to have thirty-percent tree canopy cover by the year 2030. So if you look at a satellite map of Tacoma you should see thirty-percent of the city covered by tree canopy (by 2030). That's basically the goal - right now we have about eleven percent, so we have a ways to go."

Southie Trees Tour: Reforesting South Boston with the Emerald Necklace Conservancy Green Team - Boston, MA

Southie Trees Tour: Reforesting South Boston | The Emerald Necklace Conservancy Green Team:
On Friday, Mike Kissinger of Southie Trees (South Boston Tree Action Team), led the the Youth Leadership Team on a tour of the trees of South Boston. According to the Urban Ecology Institute’s “State Of The Urban Forest” inventory of Boston street trees, South Boston’s ranks 14 out of 16 Boston neighborhoods when it comes to existing tree canopy relative to potential tree canopy (existing urban tree canopy (UTC) in South Boston: 9%. Possible additional UTC: 57%).

Thursday, December 16, 2010

LETTER — Lakeshore Drive tree canopy is an asset, not a liability - Holland, MI

LETTER — Lakeshore Drive tree canopy is an asset, not a liability - Holland, MI - The Holland Sentinel:
Please reconsider your decision to force an expensive relocation of trees [on Lakeshore Drive] at Maple Beach and Edgewood Beach. The property owners planted these new maple trees where the old trees had been growing. These young trees do not impede the sight lines of drivers coming out of the respective association entrances.

Commission urges passage of ordinance to preserve tree canopy; would regulate removal of public and private trees - Montclair, NJ

Commission urges passage of ordinance to preserve tree canopy -
Members of the Montclair Environmental Commission urged the Township Council to consider a tree-preservation ordinance that would regulate when citizens may cut down trees, even those dead or diseased, on private property.

The ordinance has been in the works for four years, though the discussion during the council's Dec. 14 meeting was the council's first prolonged debate on the proposal. Imke Oster, a commission member, said Montclair is known for its tree canopy, and it needs to be protected.

'People move here for the fresh air, for the livability of this town,' Oster said. 'There's a big difference when you drive down a tree-lined street. The temperature is much cooler.'

The proposed tree-preservation ordinance would require residents to obtain permits before removing trees greater than 6 inches in diameter on private property. It would also require homeowners to cover the cost to pay for inspection by the township's arborist, and participate in a tree replacement program.

City to consider tree canopy project; put February 2, 2011 hearing on your calendars - Portland, OR

City to consider tree canopy project | Portland Business Journal:
The Portland City Council is taking on a project to consolidate the rules for city trees and boost the city’s tree canopy by 100 acres or more every year.

The council will hold a hearing on its tree project at 6 p.m. Feb. 2 at City Hall, 1221 S.W. Fourth Ave.

The project aims to create a cohesive strategy to promote a healthy urban forest, achieved in part by consolidating regulations under a single new tree code, standardizing the city’s tree permit system and promoting preservation.

Virginia Beach urban tree canopy needs help and PHP has 10 acres to offer; contact VB Arborist Salzman to see how you can help - Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach urban tree canopy needs help and PHP has 10 acres to offer. « Pleasure House Point is 122 acres and can be preserved forever with your help.:

How can you help?

We need interested people to help us! If you are a homeowner, resident, student, or business owner who would like to be involved in the next steps, we welcome your help.

Great way to help is to contact Kristina Salzman at the page to ask for more help in preserving 100% of PHP which would also help VB’s Urban Forest.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tree Stewards Prune Scottsville Park - Charlottesville, VA

Tree Stewards Prune Scottsville Park - NBC29

Some volunteers braved the chilly winds Tuesday to help clean up a Scottsville park.
Albemarle County employees and the Charlottesville/Albemarle Tree Stewards spent the morning in Dorrier Park trying to educate people about proper pruning and mulching techniques.
This is part of an effort to preserve the health of trees and the tree canopy.

Town amends tree-protection regulations; canopy requirements go into effect March 2011 - Chapel Hill, NC | Town amends tree-protection regulations:
Many Chapel Hill trees will have new protection come spring.

The Town Council voted 6-1 Monday night to require 'tree canopy' standards for certain properties within town limits. The new rules will take effect March 1, 2011.

The new ordinance will measure trees by their canopy, rather than by the diameter of their trunks.

Canopy standards will be enforced according to their land use.

Single-family lots, two family properties, and smaller, non-residential projects are exempt.

A tree's canopy would be measured in square feet by its 'drip zones,' or area under the tree's outermost branches.

Institutional and mixed-use developments will require a 40 percent tree canopy.

Commercial and multi-family residential properties will require a 30 percent canopy.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Neighbors plant trees, good feelings in East Baltimore - Baltimore, MD

Neighbors plant trees, good feelings in East Baltimore -
The association hired Parks & People Foundation, another nonprofit that works to improve the city's green spaces, to break holes in the sidewalk and help plant the trees. Aiding the effort were members of the foundation's Green Up Clean Up work force, underwritten with federal stimulus funds. Guy Hager, a foundation official, said the plantings consisted of Armstrong maples, which grow relatively straight up -- an asset on narrow urban streets -- and serviceberries, which produce fruit that should attract birds to the neighborhood.

UGA Natural Resources Spatial Analysis Lab releases urban canopy maps for southeastern US

Urban Canopy | Natural Resources Spatial Analysis Lab:
From 1991 Landsat data, we developed a second set of canopy information for the southeastern United States. This includes tree canopy coverage for Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Northern Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and most of Virginia. These data allow communities across the southeastern United States to begin to evaluate the trends in community tree canopy cover. The information can be used to determine the success of a number of urban forest programs from the success of tree ordinances to planting programs. For the first time, these trends data are consistent across a region; therefore, communities can compare their results and benchmark their programs. These data can be used in a number of modeling applications providing information on ecosystem services (storm water management, air quality, carbon sequestration and energy efficiency) to assess the value of tree canopy in providing these services and how they change over time.

2010 Tree Steward Award winners announced by the Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Program

UVM Extension : University of Vermont:
The 2010 Tree Steward Award winners recently were recognized by the Vermont Urban and Community Forestry Program (VT UCF) at a special recognition ceremony in Montpelier.

Gov. Jim Douglas presented the awards Dec. 8 at the ceremony in the Cedar Creek Room of the Vermont Statehouse. Recipients were selected through a nomination process by VT UCF's Advisory Council, a 20-member advisory group for the program, which is a partnership between University of Vermont (UVM) Extension and the Vermont Department of Forests, Parks, and Recreation.

The program promotes good stewardship of forests and helps individuals, organizations, and communities develop plans for planting and caring for community trees. These annual awards honor people, communities, and volunteer groups that demonstrate a strong commitment to planting, caring for, and protecting Vermont's trees, whether community plantings or established forests.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Fight for trees hits deadline - Holland, MI

Fight for trees hits deadline - Holland, MI - The Holland Sentinel:
Park Township residents are worried trees they planted along Lakeshore Drive won’t make it through the winter.

The Road Commission gave Maple Beach residents until Friday to remove nine trees planted early this year. The residents are attempting to restore the street’s tree canopy.

Resident Jim Nelson said he has become increasingly critical of the Road Commissioners in recent months.

“The insistence of the current three road commissioners to defy and thwart the goals and overall best interest of our county is incredible and defies reasonable understanding,” Nelson wrote to the commissioners.

Pepco peddles myths about trees, customers' expectations in failing effort to explain its problems - Washington, DC

Robert McCartney - Pepco peddles myths about trees, customers' expectations in failing effort to explain its problems:
For years, Pepco's favorite myth was that customers lost power so frequently because the Washington area had so many trees, whose falling branches kept knocking down the lines. It's America's fourth-densest tree canopy, Pepco said. The trade-off for customers was clear: Unless you'd rather give up your trees, we at Pepco can't guarantee you'll have juice.

That myth is now deceased. My Washington Post colleagues Joe Stephens and Mary Pat Flaherty revealed in a major investigative story Sunday on Pepco's outages that the tree canopy in the Washington area is actually average. Moreover, Pepco suffers more outages from its own equipment failures than from tree damage.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Town Council passes tree canopy rules 5-1 - Chapel Hill, NC

OrangeChat - Town Council passes tree canopy rules 5-1; Czajkowski dissents | blogs: Many Chapel Hill trees will have new protection come spring.

The Town Council voted 5-1 Monday night to require “tree canopy” standards for certain properties within town limits. The new rules will take effect March 1, 2011.

The new ordinance will measure trees by their canopy, rather than by the diameter of their trunks. Canopy standards will be enforced according to their land use.

Single-family lots, two family properties, and smaller, non-residential projects are exempt.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Parkway to be trimmed of fire hazards - Sacramento, CA

Parkway trimmed of fire hazards - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee:
Work has begun to trim trees near homes in areas along the American River Parkway in order to prevent dangerous fires next summer.

Steve Flannery, chief ranger for Sacramento County parks, said the main objective is to reduce the risk of fire getting into tree tops. Tree canopy fires are especially destructive, fast-moving and difficult to control.

'Lower tree branches will be limbed up to eight feet, ladder fuels, such as vines, will be cut and dead wood will be removed,' he said.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Parade may be bad for trees due to pruning for balloons; changes coming - Seattle, WA

Seafair: Bad for Seattle's trees?:
Seattle's Seafair Torchlight Parade may have to do a better job of accommodating trees.

How isn't clear, but city managers are worried about the summer parade's effect on trees that line the Fourth Avenue parade route downtown.
During past parades city crews have pruned branches of the trees so they'll clear the balloons that float along the route as the parade progresses.

But Roy Francis, urban forestry manager for the Seattle Department of Transportation, told an advisory city forestry commission Wednesday that starting next year the city will no longer prune the trees for the parade and that Seafair will have to reconsider how to move through the streets.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission ruling: Homeowners win on no more tree topping - IN

Just One Minute | | The Indianapolis Star:
Indiana homeowners angry about utility crews hacking off the tops of trees without their permission, leaving ugly gaps, won a victory Tuesday.

The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission ruled that utilities can't top trees or remove more than 25 percent of a tree's canopy without the homeowner's permission.

'If the property owner does not consent, the utility must offer alternatives,' a news release about the ruling said.

Utilities also must contact homeowners personally and notify them in writing at least two weeks before trimming. They must use public rights of way or easements, or get permission from property owners to enter private property.

The decision follows months of input from residents at six public meetings across the state.

Morton Arboretum teams up to with Chicago-area Mayors, USDA to provide ash borer mitigation funding - Chicago, IL

Arboretum teams up to provide ash borer funding - Naperville Sun:
The Morton Arboretum and the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus on Wednesday made $1 million in federal grant money available to municipalities to fight the effects of emerald ash borer.

The invasive pest has already killed tens of millions of ash trees in North America and threatens the estimated 130 million ash in Illinois.

The Arboretum and MMC, which represents 272 Chicago-area mayors, today posted a Request for Proposal on their websites for municipalities to apply for the grant money.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tree 'butchering' order issued by Indiana utility regulatory commission

Tree 'butchering' order issued | | The Star Press:
The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission on Tuesday issued an order that it says strikes a balance between utility companies and angry customers who accuse them of 'butchering' trees.

The order states that the utilities are required to adhere to nationally recognized best practices, as outlined by the American National Standards Institute's standards for tree care, as well as other requirements.

Island tree canopy near national standard - Manatee County, FL

Island tree canopy near national standard » Archive » Anna Maria Island News - The Anna Maria Islander "The Award Winning & Best News on Anna Maria Island, FL Since 1992":
Manatee County is just percentage points from meeting a national standard for forest coverage, according to a study released by the county.

The county worked with Keep Manatee Beautiful, ESciences and several other government agencies on its first study of its urban tree canopy.

The five-year analysis, funded with a $10,000 grant from the Florida Urban and Community Forestry Grant Program and another $10,000 grant from KMB, used software modeling and aerial photographs to evaluate the tree canopy in unincorporated Manatee and the six municipalities in the county.

Friends of the Urban Forest: The Green Christmas tree alternative that keeps on giving - Los Angeles, CA

Friends of the Urban Forest: The Green Christmas tree alternative - Los Angeles green building | You can pick up a tree that will have a life in the “Urban Forest” after the holiday season. Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF), a non-profit out of the bay area, has a “Green Christmas” program in which they offer living, potted trees for the year-end holidays. For just $80, SF participants get beautiful, six-to-eight-foot-tall potted trees that may be picked up, brought home for decoration and enjoyment for up to six weeks, and returned to FUF who then grows the tree larger and uses it in an urban tree planting program!