Monday, December 20, 2010

Builder, spare that tree, says council - Frankston, Victoria, Australia

Builder, spare that tree, says council - Local News - News - General - Frankston Weekly:
FRANKSTON Council has reintroduced a law designed to protect the city's trees from building work that is performed too close to a tree.
Mayor Kris Bolam said there had been a 'very noticeable reduction of the city's tree canopy' since there had been no local law protecting trees from buildings constructed too close to a tree.

The resurrected local law applies to trees - including those on private property - with a circumference at the base of the trunk of 110centimetres or more.

The tree-protection zone is a circular area that extends from the centre of the trunk and which is equal to 12 times the diameter of the trunk.

In most cases, buildings and other constructions that encroach on more than 10per cent of this zone require a council permit. The law is similar to a tree-protection local law the state government revoked in October 2009 because it contravened part of the state's planning scheme.

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