Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is move to act motivated in part by concerns over who pays?; Galveston, TX; 4/29/09

Don't rush to cut island's old trees Daily News - Galveston County - TX,USA
Obviously, large dead trees on public rights of way sooner or later become a public health hazard. The survey estimated the cost of removing trees of more than 6 inches in diameter at $706,180. That figure is based on rates set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency for removing storm debris.We’re concerned that the sense of urgency about this problem of dead and dying trees on public property is based partly on who might pick up the bill. The longer it takes for the city to take care of this problem, the likelier it is that the federal government will decline to pay for the cost of removing the trees.

Plant sale offers state rebate coupons of $50 for every tree planted; Cumberland, MD; 4/29/09

Downtown in full bloom this weekend for plant sale Cumberland Times-News - Cumberland,MD,USA
Yockus said although a satellite image shows the city does have fairly good tree canopy, when the mountains, forests and areas that are unbuildable are taken away, that percentage drops dramatically.“We encourage people to plant trees, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s on private or public property; a tree’s a tree,” he said. “And the more people recognizing the value of trees — for shade, cleaning pollutants out of the air, helping with water runoff and so forth — the better. We have gained some ground but we can lose it pretty quickly if a major developer comes in and decides to whack down some trees; it’s an ongoing battle.”

Moving firewood banned in effort to halt spread of ash borer; Ottawa, Canada; 4/29/09

Transporting firewood banned to curb spread of ash borer - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
"The Emerald Ash Borer poses a serious threat to our forest cover in both urban and rural Ottawa," Peter Hume, chair of the city's planning and environment committee, said in a news release.
About 25 per cent of the region's tree canopy is made up of ash trees, Hume said.
"The city has a plan to manage the impact of the emerald ash borer and will begin an extensive program of planting new trees this spring in areas where we have an abundance of ash trees," he said.

Safety or sunshine? Community divided on answer for trees around public pool; Austin, TX; 4/29/09

Politics and PR at play in tree debate Austin American-Statesman - Austin,TX,USA
It was clear at the city parks board meeting last night that the fate of 29 trees at Barton Springs Pool will likely come down to politics and public relations.
Is new Parks Director Sara Hensley, who’s been on the job less than a year, capable of selling such an unpopular idea — cutting down trees that she says pose a safety risk — to the public? And is there the political will among City Council members, who will probably have the final say, to clear-cut the tree canopy at Austin’s iconic swimming hole?
The answers to both questions are far from certain, given the angry crowds that have shown up at the two out of four public meetings held so far on the issue. Hensley was calm and personable at both, but looked a little shell-shocked by the crash course in Austin’s so-called “terminal democracy.”

Writer finds correlation between city's UTC and demographics; Milwaukee, WI; 4/29/09

Income and Canopy Science Time By Will
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, shows a income and vegetation pattern similar to the Baltimore, Maryland, pattern. Here I present images from Heynen etal (2006), gratefully provided by Nik Heynen.

Businesses finally win battle - sign-blocking ficus trees slated for removal over citizen outcry; Pasadena, CA; 4/29/09

City Council Authorizes Plan to Remove Ficus Tress Pasadena Now - Pasadena,CA,USA
The City Council Monday decided to go ahead with the original plan of cutting down ficus trees on Colorado Boulevard and replacing them with other tree varities, according to reports.
The council has held several meetings discussing the contentious council plan to remove 35 ficus trees along Colorado Boulevard between Los Robles Boulevard and Lake Avenue and planting gingkoes and palm trees in their place reportedly.
The discussions about the removal of ficus trees began in 1990s and were bolstered by city’s business owners who debate that the tree’s canopies block signs on the boulevard and the roots wreck sidewalks and plumbing, said authorities.

Tulsa ice storm recovery on track for completion one and a half years after storm; Tulsa, OK; 4/29/09

Mission Accomplished, Almost - Finally, city crews are wrapping up ...
The ice storm of December 2007 that kept Tulsa paralyzed for weeks may be a distant memory, but it is only during the next several weeks that work will conclude on the thousands of trees that were ruined or damaged during the storm.
For more than a year, crews have been trimming and removing trees in city parks that sustained damage from the ice. That work finally is expected to draw to a close by June 15, according to Maureen Turner, a horticulturalist and operations manager for the Public Works Surface Drainage and Vegetation Management Department.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Casey Trees gives DC's trees a B grade; Washington, DC; 4/28/09

Casey Trees gives DC B grade - Charlotte,NC,USA
Casey Trees, a D.C.-based nonprofit founded in 2001, gave the city a B grade under its first annual tree report card.
The rating, the only independent evaluation of D.C.’s trees, is based on five tree metrics of coverage, health, planting, protection and awareness.
Tree health – the overall condition of D.C.’s tree canopy – got the only A grade.
Tree protection – regulatory and voluntary efforts to preserve existing trees – received the lowest grade of a C. The three other areas each received B grades.
According to Mark Buscaino, executive director of Casey Trees, the urban tree canopy goal “gives all partners an overall annual planting target, and we’re pleased by Mayor Fenty’s leadership endorsing this goal as part of his DC Green Agenda.”
The city has said it will attempt to plant more trees to increase its canopy from nearly 35 percent to 40 percent in the next 25 years — the equivalent of about 8,600 new trees each year, for a total 216,300 new trees.

Hurricane Ike leaves 11,000 dead trees with $700,000 removal cost in its wake; Galveston, TX; 4/27/09

11000 dead trees could cost $706000 Houston Chronicle - United States
Hurricane Ike may have killed an estimated 31,000 Galveston trees on private property and an additional 11,000 on the city right of way that will probably have to be removed for safety reasons, the Texas Forest Service said.
The Forest Service estimated the cost of removing the trees from the public right of way at $706,000, based on Federal Emergency Management Agency estimations.
Michael Merritt, Forest Service Bayou Region urban forestry coordinator, said most of the trees are either dead or dying and will probably need to be removed.

Proud owners boast of their laurel oak - new NC champion; Pender County, NC; 4/27/09

Pender County residents proud of their family tree WWAY NewsChannel 3 - Wilmington,NC,USA
There is a new title holder in Pender County. It has been around for more than 150 years, but just recently earned state champion recognition.
"I have shown people the tree in pictures and they can't believe it. You have to see it for yourself to grasp just how big it is," said owner Charles Rousey.
Big is an understatement. It is an old oak tree, between 150 & 200 years. The tree can't talk, but oh the stories it could tell if it could. If it could talk, it would tell you it is 85 feet tall and 221 inches around. The canopy of the tree spreads 61 feet from one side to the other.

UTC on the agenda as mayors discuss local sustainability efforts; US; 4/27/09

Mayors Discuss Local Sustainability Efforts Nation's Cities Weekly - Washington,DC,USA
A cross-section of mayors from around the country offered their perspectives on steps cities can take to become more sustainable during the closing session of the Green Cities Conference and Expo in Portland, Ore.Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker, Mary Hamman-Roland, mayor of Apple Valley, Minn., and Ellen Moyer, mayor of Annapolis, Md., shared their perspectives of what they have done in their cities and how cities of all sizes can learn from each other to better the planet.
“This is a special time,” Moyer said, “There is an opportunity to develop a real environmental ethic.”Annapolis has the highest urban tree canopy in the state of Maryland, Moyer said, and has progressive ordinances that encourage a commitment to the environment. The city also has an environmental stewardship awards program for restaurants and one in the works for households

With more than one in three trees being ash, replanting from borer losses could cost $2.5 million; Eau Claire, WI; 4/26/09

Eau Claire faces major threat from ash borer Leader-Telegram - Eau Claire,WI,USA
To Eau Claire residents, the ash trees lining many of Eau Claire's streets and scattered throughout parks and yards form a much-appreciated green canopy, offering shade from the hot summer sun.
But to the emerald ash borer, those same ash trees, which number more than one of every three of the city's 80,000-plus trees, represent an appetizing feast.
The dreaded bug known for its distinctive bright-green color has made quick work of urban ash forests elsewhere in the U.S. and threatens to do the same in Eau Claire and other Chippewa Valley communities.

Pittsburgh UTC effort goes metro; Cambria and Blair counties, PA; 4/26/09

Aid for shade: Municipalities eyeing money to buy trees The Tribune-Democrat - Johnstown,PA,USA
The state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources is making available to Cambria and Blair counties – which are home to cities – $85,000 to purchase trees. Volunteers will be enlisted to plant and maintain the trees for years to come.Regionally, the program known as TreeVitalize is being administered by the Southern Alleghenies Planning and Development Commission and will mirror similar initiatives in place in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.While distribution of the money is pending receipt of a state contract, funding applications are being reviewed for Johnstown, Richland Township and the boroughs of Southmont, Ebensburg and Loretto, said Stephanie Powers, Southern Alleghenies community development planner.

Do trees cause air pollution? Not a lot, but high reactivity of compounds is an issue; Joensuu, Finland; 4/27/09

Pining for terpenes - Chichester,England,UK
The results illustrate the difficulty in measuring plant emissions in situ but they still provide an indication of the levels of monoterpenes originating from pine forests as a whole and the needles in particular. In a study on the same site in 2003, the net ecosystem production was estimated to be 229 g carbon/m2/year, so, despite the uncertainty in the absolute monoterpene values, it is clear that they constitute a small proportion of the total volatile carbon. Their significance, however, lies in their high atmospheric reactivity and potential for aerosol formation.

Arbor Day celebration features Liberty and Lincoln; Galesburg, IL; 4/25/09

Galesburg Marks Arbor Day With Tree Planting in Lincoln Park WGIL Radio News - Galesburg,IL,USA
Galesburg's Lincoln Park is home to a new tree as part of one of the city's many "green" initiatives.City officials marked Arbor Day on Friday by planting a Liberty Elm tree near the park's Veterans Memorial.City Manager Dane Bragg tells WGIL planting trees in the city is good for its future."Galesburg is a Tree City USA and we want to try to keep that up. Going back to the wind storms that we had in 2007 and some of the losses that we've had from prior ice storms, it is really important that we try to keep our tree canopy intact (and) keep planning for the future of our trees in the community."

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

City trees worth over $1,000,000; Hickory, NC; 4/28/09

City trees top $1 million in value Hickory Daily Record - Hickory,NC,USA
Trees cover 32 percent of Hickory, according to Teague's data, and are worth more than $1.1 million for the 508,916 pounds of pollution they annually remove from the air. Forty-two percent of Hickory's landscape is composed of open spaces made up of grass and trees.
Teague said it is her goal not just to preserve Hickory's tree canopy but also to increase it to 40 percent.
One way canopy is lost is when trees are removed for new construction, such as roads or buildings.Teague said Hickory has begun requiring developers to refrain from removing mature trees by incorporating them into the building's landscape design. She said the trees provide beauty, utility and value to real estate.

New tree species covers over 3,000 square miles; Ethiopia; 4/24/09

New tree species covers 3100 square miles Houston Chronicle - United States
As many as 10,000 new species of plants, animals and insects are discovered each year, but usually they are isolated individuals or small clusters of specimens hidden away in forests or other isolated areas. Often they are small specimens that are easily overlooked.
But on recent visits to Ethiopia, Swedish botanist Mats Thulin discovered a new species of tree that covers an area of more than 3,100 square miles, an area the size of the island of Crete.

Citizens call for emulation of NYC million tree pledge in wake of "tree massacre"; New Haven, CT; 4/24/09

Coalition Sprouts from Tree “Massacre” New Haven Independent - CT, USA
In the wake of a recent chop-down of beloved trees, St. Ronan-Edgehill neighbors and activists called for new city laws to protect their arboreal friends in the future.
Chris Ozyck, one of the city’s major tree planters through the Urban Resources Institute, said trees not only do what we all know they do in terms of producing oxygen and shade, but they reduce through their shading the cracking of asphalt and thus saves the city lots of money.
As part of its tree canopy goals, he said New York City has committed to planting one million new trees, and he called for New Haven as a city to make the policy changes necessary to be part of this.

Mayor's "Proposal for Greener Charlottesville" calls for UTC increase from 32% to 40%; Charlottesville, VA; 4/24/09

Dave Norris calls for a “Greener Charlottesville” Charlottesville Tomorrow News Center - Charlottesville,VA,USA
Norris’ proposal includes recommendations to:
Increase the City’s tree canopy from 32% to 40% or more through public and private efforts.
Encourage construction of green roofs by facilitating their construction through incentive programs, technical assistance and support.
Convert “rivers and seas of barren asphalt” into landscaped green streets and green parking lots, and install more pocket parks and community gardens.
Purchase and preserve green space and new park land while enhancing existing parks by planting more native species.

Grow Boston Greener offers free trees; Boston, MA; 4/24/09

'Grow Boston Greener' One Tree At A Time WBZ - Boston,MA,USA
Arbor Day originated in Nebraska in the late 1800s and is observed by dozens of countries around the world from Cambodia to Kenya. With the help of a team of volunteers, the City of Boston planted 40 trees in East Boston on this Arbor Day, but this effort is just a small piece of a much bigger plan to Grow Boston Greener (GBG).The goal of GBG is to plant 100,000 trees in the city by the year 2020 so that in the decades to come our tree canopy grows from 29 percent to 35 percent.

Mayor appoints first tree commission to lead Great Tree Canopy Comeback effort; Fort Wayne, IN; 4/24/09

Verbatim: Fort Wayne forms Tree Commission, honored for growth Fort Wayne Journal Gazette - Fort Wayne,IN,USA
Mayor Tom Henry was joined by Fort Wayne Parks and Recreation Director Al Moll and 88 children from Cedar Canyon Elementary as they celebrated Arbor Day at Salomon Farm Park today.
Before the planting of the ceremonial tree, Mayor Henry announced his appointment of the City’s first community-wide Tree Commission.
The Commission’s objective is to perform a comprehensive review of the City’s urban forest and provide recommendations to Mayor Henry before the Great Tree Canopy Comeback in November, which will also take place at Salomon Farm Park.

Illinois says diversity is key to UTC protection; IL; 4/24/09

Celebrate Arbor Day ~ Diversify The Canopy IGNN (press release) - IL,USA
“Trees are an important component of our community landscape, both environmentally and aesthetically,” Warren Goetsch, bureau chief of Environmental Programs, said. “It is vital that every community have a healthy variety of trees within their landscape to help withstand the arrival of new invasive species. The emerald ash borer (EAB), which affects all species of the ash (Fraxinus) family, is today’s crisis, but with growing international trade we can expect other invasive insect species to attack our urban forests.”

Friday, April 24, 2009

Green Miami plants over 200 trees on Arbor Day in support of effort to increase UTC to 30%; Miami, FL; 4/24/09

City Of Miami Going Greener On Arbor Day CBS 4 - Miami,FL,USA
The volunteers planted more than 200 Gumbo Limbo, Mahogany, Wild Tamarind, Live Oak and Silver Buttonwood trees in the neighborhood. All of the trees are Florida native, drought-tolerant and wind resistant. The tree planting project is part of the city's Green Miami Initiative which was created to increase the city's tree canopy to 30-percent within the next ten years. The tree planting and protection campaign encourages neighborhood groups and individuals to plant and preserve our urban canopy. There is more information available at

After 18 months of review, developers, tree lovers, and property owners still at odds over proposed ordinance; Des Moines, IA; 4/24/09

Tree meeting recap - Des Moines,IA,USA
Wednesday night’s public meeting on a tree management ordinance in Des Moines exposed clear differences among conservationists, developers and some property owners.
It’s taken city officials some 18 months to come up with the ordinance’s current draft. All of the feedback generated between last night’s meeting and recent sit downs between city officials and developers could mean more tweaks to the ordinance.
Regarding those meetings city officials held with developers, Brian Millard, a neighborhood advocate from the Lower Beaver area, called upon city officials to make notes from those meetings public. Millard, who also serves on the city’s Plan and Zoning Commission, has been highly critical of the city’s closed sessions with developers.
Millard, a long-time tree preservation advocate, described the draft ordinance as reasonable.

Worcester Tree Initiative helps town recover from UTC losses from exotic pest; Worcester, MA; 4/24/09

Replanting with a plan Worcester Telegram - Worcester,MA,USA
That’s all it takes to successfully plant a tree, right?
Actually, it’s a bit more complicated than that, and experts are urging Worcester residents to plant carefully as they begin restoring trees to neighborhoods where about 20,000 trees have been cut down in recent months to fight the Asian longhorned beetle.
To get things started on the right foot, the nonprofit Worcester Tree Initiative is kicking off its privately funded tree-planting campaign from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. tomorrow with a festival at Burncoat High School, 179 Burncoat St. Volunteers will plant 150 trees in the neighborhood, and the group will give away 150 trees to individuals who register and complete a 20-minute workshop on tree planting. Transportation company CSX Corp. is donating all the trees, and once all the trees are distributed, the initiative will give residents vouchers that can be redeemed for trees.

Cumberland celebrates Arbor Day with local and national awards for outstanding planting and other efforts; Cumberland, MD; 4/23/09

Cumberland Times-News - Students branch out as city nets 2 awards
The city was presented with two awards, the PLANT Community Award and the Tree City USA Award.“PLANT comes from Planting, Loving and Nurturing Trees,” said Don Malaney, chairman of the Allegany County Forestry Board. “And it is my honor to present the green award, the highest award, to Cumberland.”Malaney said the city has taken many actions to once again receive this award.“In 2008, Cumberland planted 224 new trees in the city and recycled 200 Christmas trees,” he said. “They collected 90 tons of leaves to be composted and contracted for removal of 25 hazardous trees and 113 tree stumps.”Wilson presented the Tree City USA Award and said it is not an easy award to come by.

City addresses conflicts between gray and green infrastructure by banning new plantings of oaks and other large-scale trees; Portsmouth, VA; 4/24/09

Portsmouth leaves trees with plenty of room to grow The Virginian-Pilot - Norfolk,VA,USA
Because long-established neighborhoods such as Olde Towne, Park View and Prentis Park already have a good mix of established trees, Pittenger said, nowadays the emphasis is on maintenance and planting new trees in the right spot.
Portsmouth's tree canopy ordinance requires developers to plant a certain number of trees on each parcel they develop, based on the size of the lot and the zoning.
But these days the city doesn't allow developers to plant trees such as oaks that would grow large, Pittenger said. On Constitution Avenue in Shea Terrace, for example, many oak trees were planted under power lines.

Battle over street tree removal and replacement plan continues; Pasadena, CA; 4/23/09

Tree war Pasadena Weekly - Pasadena,CA,USA
More than two months after the controversial removal of ficus trees in the Playhouse District provoked a wave of outrage, intense public debate over the future of Pasadena’s trees continues at City Hall.
On Monday, council members will pick up on a contentious April 13 discussion of whether to allow the planting of replacement ginko and palm trees in the Playhouse District, despite a March moratorium on tree planting and removal. Councilman Sid Tyler, who cast the lone vote to save the ficus trees from destruction, argues that the city should hold firm on its moratorium until a study of Pasadena street tree plans can be completed, allowing officials to consider what other types of trees could replace the ficus.
“I don’t believe [ginkos and palms] fulfill either the letter or the spirit of the United Nations Urban Environmental Accords in terms of helping to build a shade canopy over our urban streets,” Tyler said Tuesday.

Casey Trees planting at Catholic University commemorates Papal visit; Washington, DC; 4/23/09

The Monthly Newspaper of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of ...The Catholic Transcript - Hartford,CT,USA
In honor of Earth Day and the first anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI's visit to The Catholic University of America in Washington, the university planted 35 donated trees on campus April 22.
The celebration was part of a larger ongoing mission to enhance Washington's tree canopy.
Nearly 140 students, faculty and staff volunteers braved the rain and hail to help at the event. Volunteers could sign up to plant trees for the whole morning or spread mulch and pull weeds from existing beds around campus as part of Campus Beautification Day.

Mitigation funds inadquate to address decline in street tree population; Weston, MA; 4/23/09

Plans take root for replanting tree canopy Weston Town Crier - Framingham,MA,USA
Members of Weston’s Tree Advisory Group, affectionately known as "TAG," have been spending some time lately puzzling out what’s happening to the town’s tree canopy. A combination of factors – like proliferating utility wires, widening sidewalks, disease and road salt – causes the death of about 90 street trees per year.
With the approval of the Board of Selectmen, the committee has been visiting nurseries and tagging 10 new trees to fill in gaps where some of those mature trees have died.
The job of replacing significant tree loss can seem overwhelming when one considers the fact that many of Weston’s old timers were 75-foot hardwoods like red oak, sugar maple or white ash. Their girths are often more than 2 feet across. The small fund left to us by the MWRA, in acknowledgement of the 25 acres of forest they removed, can pay for very few young trees – 7 feet tall and 2 inches in diameter.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old silver maples + power lines = removal, but city is replanting at more than twice the rate of removal; Medford, OR; 4/23/09

Time to Leave Mail Tribune - Medford,OR,USA
City arborist Bill Harrington said the silver maples should never have been planted on the west side of the street, where the power line runs, because they are genetically inclined to grow to 80 feet. Instead, they have fought for space with power lines over the years and never attained their normal height and fullness.
"We're talking about silver maples that have been pruned excessively over the years by the power company," he said.
When the trees beneath the power lines are removed, Harrington said the city plans to replace them with flowering plums, which don't bear fruit and won't grow tall enough to interfere with the power lines.

Officials relunctant to declare trees dead - hoping against hope for recovery after storm; Galveston, TX; 4/23/09

Experts take stock of isle tree damage Galveston County Daily News - Galveston,TX,USA
Wednesday, volunteers from the Texas Master Gardener Association joined Texas Forest Service experts to assess the island’s trees, many of which have been leafless since Hurricane Ike covered 75 percent of the island with salty storm surge Sept. 13.The teams are not labeling any tree dead or alive, Merritt said emphatically.But the assessment of the trees on public property will be used to help the city figure out how much debris it will have to dispose of when officials decide it’s time to start cutting the dead trees down.

Famous tree doctor Ribeiro also acts as tree advocate to save hometown trees; Bainbridge Island, WA; 4/22/09

Globe-Trotting Tree Doctor Has Saved Best Work for Bainbridge Kitsap Sun - WA, United States
A plant pathologist for more than 30 years, the Kenyan-born Ribeiro uses Bainbridge as his home base between globe-spanning, tree-saving adventures that have been profiled in The Wall Street Journal and on NBC's "Today" show.
Hes treated the Doomsday Tree, under which the Magna Carta was signed, and provides ongoing care for Britain's Tortworth Chestnut, which is said to have sprouted more than 1,200 years ago.
"How long a tree lives depends on how you treat it," he said.

Tree earns name Gypsy - has been moved to third location in its life; Durango, CO; 4/23/09

The Independent Weekly Line on Durango and Beyond Durango Telegraph - Durango,CO,USA
The college is off to an admirable start with the relocation of “Gypsy,” a Rocky Mountain juniper native to the FLC site. Gypsy got her name due to her nomadic “nature” – she has been moved twice in her lifetime, which is highly unusual for tree. The team from Animas Valley Arborists, headed up by owner and arborist David Temple, bestowed the 38,500-pound specimen with the name.
Temple has known Gypsy since the mid ’90s. His company was first hired to determine which trees would best survive a move, once again to make way for college construction. Temple and crew moved Gypsy from an area near Berndt Hall to her now-former location between the college union and the library. Since then, the tree has survived and thrived, with a canopy circumference extending more than 30 feet, providing significant shade in the summertime.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Carmel hosts 21st Arbor Day celebration with tree planting; Carmel, IN; 4/22/09

Carmel to hold annual Arbor Day Ceremony Indianapolis Star - United States
"Besides being an event that benefits the community for decades to come by increasing the tree canopy, the Arbor Day Celebration and planting is a wonderful way to bring together residents and their children into Carmel parks," said Mayor Jim Brainard. "It is the whole community volunteering to improve their environment and health, from the youngest to the oldest."

Des Moines' proposed tree protection ordinance to be debated tonight; Des Moines, IA; 4/22/09

Pros, cons of Des Moines tree ordinance are argued tonight - Des Moines,IA,USA
New regulations to protect trees in Des Moines will be debated tonight at a public meeting that could pit the interests of conservationists against developers.The ordinance would require permits in order to cut down trees under certain circumstances.One side wants consistent rules with clear consequences for violators. The other favors case-by-case flexibility."The idea of looking at ways to protect the urban forest is a good one, but we have to do it in a way that's affordable," City Manager Rick Clark said.

Strategic tree planting can reduce energy use and costs, carbon footprint; Northfield, MN; 4/22/09

Placing trees for energy savings Northfield News (subscription) - Northfield,MN,USA
Those of us who live in town can also practice careful tree placement to reduce energy costs, add beauty to our yards and create habitat for wildlife. According to the Minnesota Department of Commerce, strategically placed shade trees can reduce air-conditioning bills by 25 percent. In addition, a well-placed windbreak might lop another 10 to 20 percent off fuel bills.

Champion tree program captures public imagination, information on biggest trees; Snow Hill, MD; 4/22/09

Towering tree earns place in records Baltimore Sun - United States
Tracking big trees is far from a pointless pursuit. Tree size matters, offering clues about the health of species and entire forests. And the rankings foster conservation, enthusiasts say, by giving the owners of record-holders added incentive to keep and care for them.
Of course, bragging rights are nice, too. Maryland boasts 16 national champions or co-champions, half of them in Baltimore, Howard, Carroll and Anne Arundel counties. The state used to have the biggest white oak in the union until the famed Wye Oak toppled in a 2002 storm.Eight Maryland counties maintain their own big tree lists, and in 2006 Maloof teamed with a graduate student named Ronald Lindblom to include neighboring Wicomico County in that group. Precise locations are often kept secret to deter vandalism.

DC Mayor sets 40% UTC goal as part of green agenda; Washington, DC; 4/21/09

Fenty Outlines 'Green Agenda' for the District Washington Post - United States
D.C. Mayor Adrian M. Fenty this morning announced a "Green Agenda" for the District, pledging to make the city more environmentally friendly by making its buildings more energy-efficient, its streams cleaner and its residents more likely to travel by bike.
The agenda, announced this morning at an elementary school in Northeast, also includes a pledge to increase the District's tree cover. Today, 34.8 percent of the city is under a canopy of trees, officials said. Fenty (D) wants to make it 40 percent.
An aide said that Fenty's plan was patterned after New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg's "PlaNYC" initiative.

Arborists give back with donation of over $15,000 worth of work to trees in Indy's Brookside Park; Indianapolis, IN; 4/21/09

Arborists donate tree care services at Brookside Park Indianapolis Star - United States
Mayor Greg Ballard highlighted the importance of strong community partnerships today during a tree maintenance blitz at Brookside Park involving about 25 arborists from six professional tree companies.
The arborists trimmed and pruned historic trees and removed invasive species at the Eastside park, a sprawling 108 acres of rolling wooded greenspace. The total value of tree work including labor and equipment totals more than $15,750.

Mumbai uses GPS to create tree census, protect trees; Mumbai, India; 4/21/09

Tree tracking goes hi-tech Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India
This time around, Terracon’s botanists will be out on the field with equipment that can determine the exact location of a tree using global positioning system, or GPS, a satellite-based technology typically used in vehicle navigation and location-based information search. Each unit, costing around Rs85,000, records the latitude and longitude of a tree, achieving an accuracy of within 5m. In addition, the botanists will record other details such as the height, canopy and condition of each tree in digital format, all of which will be transferred to a master information system that will plot the data on maps. This will make it easier to audit data and regulate illegal or irregular tree felling.

Less turf and more trees can make urban land more attractive to wildlife; Frederick, MD; 4/21/09

Changing attitudes key to making your home a home to wildlife Frederick News Post (subscription) - Frederick,MD,USA
"There's so much lawn out there," said Mike Kay, the Frederick County Forester for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. "We should encourage people to plant more trees."
Tree plantings have proliferated across Frederick County this month, along streams, in parks, on farms and at schools. Tree plantings are easy to spot, because the young seedlings are encased in deer-proof plastic tubes.
There are also programs to help homeowners plant more trees and wildflowers. All it takes is a little research, a few tools and a desire to get your hands dirty.

Arborist shares tips on how to "read" trees for signs leading to failure; Atlanta, GA; 4/21/09

Arborists Predicting Which Trees Will Fall Next in Metro Atlanta WXIA-TV - Atlanta,GA,USA
Jenkins said it doesn't take a tornado to knock down Metro Atlanta's hardwoods and pines right now. The one-two punch of drought and drenching has loosened the soil and red Georgia clay, making the soil and clay less stable and more difficult for tree roots to grab onto.
"A tree can come down even when the air is still," Jenkins said.
And especially when the tree is diseased. But, Jenkins said, a diseased tree, or a tree weakened by drought, barely has a chance to survive the sort of "wind advisory" conditions that were forecast for Tuesday.
He said people living underneath big hardwoods and pines don't have to be sitting ducks. They can spot many problems themselves.
For example, Jenkins said, property owners need to know that mushrooms growing at the base of their trees can be a sure sign of root rot.
And a cavity in the tree trunk can be another indicator the tree may soon fall.

Tree Commission Chair lends expertise to Arbor Day celebration; Knoxville, TN; 4/21/09

Knoxville woman uses passion for plants as Arbor Day chairwoman Knoxville News Sentinel - Knoxville,TN,USA
The tree board, as well as the position of city arborist and horticulturist, were established as part of Knoxville’s first tree ordinance in 1992 to combat the loss of tree canopy throughout Knox County.
Urban tree canopies are recognized for reducing air and noise pollution, providing wildlife habitat and enhancing water quality. Every year, the city of Knoxville plants 500 trees, each measuring 1.5 inches in diameter, along city streets. And each year, the city Tree Board, under the direction of Dessa Blair, hosts an Arbor Day celebration featuring the writing and drawing talent of students from area schools.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GUFF issues call for action, outlines history of failed efforts on better tree management; Guelph, Ontario, Canada; 4/20/09

Strategic Urban Forest Management Plan Public Workshop - April 29 ...By Jan Andrea Hall
1. We need an interim protective tree by-law now and a permanent by-law as a first priority of the Urban Forest Management Plan.
2. We need comprehensive standards for tree preservation in the city that protect existing trees, and maximize the growth and lifespan potential for all trees.
3. We need an independent urban forestry department, headed by a certified forester and supported by a public advisory committee.
4. We need an inventory of the trees in Guelph so we can evaluate the success of maintaining the health, diversity and canopy of the urban forest.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Town residents key in plan to replenish UTC; Weston, MA; 4/16/09

Efforts under way to save local tree canopy Weston Town Crier - Framingham,MA,USA
The Weston Tree Advisory Group has been learning from such observations, and we’ve gleaned canopy wisdom from our colleagues in Wellesley. In that town, new public trees are now planted on private property, set back from the road. Homeowners who wish to receive a tree must sign a form agreeing to keep an eye out for the health of the new tree and pledging not to cut it down. The program has been wildly successful, to the point that the former method of planting on the narrow "tree lawn" between sidewalk and street has virtually disappeared in Wellesley.

Tree planting in the driest place on earth; Ica Valley, Peru; 4/20/09

Tree planting in the driest place on Earth BBC News - UK
While the plight of the world's rainforests are well known, the same cannot be said of tropical dry forests. These less biodiverse, but equally remarkable forests, face threats every bit as severe as their better known cousins.
The Atacama dry forest "is really an ecosystem on its last legs," says Mr Whaley, of London's Kew Gardens - an internationally renowned botanical research institution.
The tree under threat is the huarango, Prosopis limensis, found only in the Ica region of Peru.

Impervious surfaces are traded for trees in 'eco-park' redevelopment of former Brownfield

Lynchburg plans city eco-park Lynchburg News and Advance - Lynchburg,VA,USA
The eco-friendly teardown will salvage materials that can be recycled or reused in city projects, such as metal, wood planks and bricks. The aim is to keep the materials out of the landfill, Frazier said.
This spring, the project received additional momentum when graduate students from the University of Virginia completed conceptual plans for the park for their urban and environmental planning class, taught by adjunct professor Karen Firehock.
The plan restores tree canopies and green space to an area that’s dominated by concrete and asphalt. It features a multipurpose athletic field, community center with an indoor gym, playgrounds, trails, picnic shelters and pedestrian access to Lynchburg Grows and City Stadium.
Sustainable design elements, such as green roofs and rain gardens, are central to the concept.

Killing pest on residential citrus trees is new part of strategy to control grape-killing Pierce's Disease; Fresno, CA; 4/17/09

Fresno County ag officials escalate battle against a growing pest ...Fresno Bee - Fresno,CA,USA
To help combat the pest in urban areas, county and state officials are placing a greater emphasis on killing it in residential citrus trees.
Treatment will involving burying a tablet of the insecticide — CoreTec — under the tree's canopy. The chemical will be taken up through the tree roots and kill the sharpshooter once it feeds on the plants new growth.
Francone assures the public that there is no risk in eating oranges harvested from trees that are treated.
The county is also taking a new approach in how it treats an infested site.
In previous years, county crews would apply the insecticide Merit to the front and back yards of a home and the two adjacent front yards.
Now, once a site has been identified, workers will treat all host plants within a 100-yard radius.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Baltimore County Growing Home Campaign offers cost share to promote UTC increase on residential property; Baltimore County, MD; 4/17/09

Growing Home Campaign Baltimore Sun - United States
The Growing Home Campaign is an award-winning tree planting program to encourage homeowners to plant a tree in their yard, and it is here in Baltimore, Baltimore County and Harford County.
The goal is to increase the tree canopy on private property, and 50 retail nurseries and garden centers have signed on to offer homeowner not only comprehensive information for planting a tree, but a $10 cash incentive as well.
Go to the Web site for the Growing Home Campaign and print out your $10 voucher (good toward the purchase of a tree worth $25 or more). You will also find lots of information about the value of adding trees to your propery, guidance for site considerations and tree selection and instructions on planning and maintenance.

Citizens call for review of city UTC restoration ordinance - provisions alleged to be burdensome; Pacific Grove, CA; 4/17/09

Mayor urges rethinking PG's tree ordinance Monterey County Herald - Monterey,CA,USA
After hearing complaints last month about Pacific Grove's tree removal and replacement law, Mayor Dan Cort has asked a city board to revisit the ordinance and see if modifications are in order.
Some residents say Pacific Grove has an unreasonable and "criminalized" ordinance requiring a permit for anyone removing a tree from their property and an agreement to replace it with at least two similar trees within 30 days.
The city's Beautification and Natural Resources Committee will conduct the review.
The object of the ordinance, Cort said, has been to restore the city's tree canopy, which has been disappearing during the past several decades.

Casper UFORE study points city to creation of municipal tree farm for diversity and sustainability; Casper, WY; 4/8/09

City plans new tree farm Casper Journal - Casper,WY,USA
The idea of developing a tree farm first surfaced 11 years ago when Casper achieved status as an Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA. During 2006, Casper was the first city in the country to use a grant from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to have city staff conduct a UFORE (Urban Forest Effects) study.The resulting inventory of all the vegetation within a 10-foot radius of 251 randomly selected plots identified the number and density of public trees in Casper, their species and health and other pertinent information such as carbon footprint and potential threats from diseases such as Dutch Elm Disease.
The proposed tree farm would use the UFORE information to diversify and sustain the city's urban forest.
There are three big reasons for a tree farm: diversity and sustainability, scheduling and cost savings, Martinez said.

Arlington County's Tree Canopy Fund provides grants for UTC-related activities of planting, maintenance, and education; Arlington County, VA; 3/29/09

Grant Program to Support Expansion of County's Tree Canopy Sun Gazette - Washington,DC,USA
Details have been announced for the new Tree Canopy Fund, a joint effort of Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment and the Arlington County Urban Forestry Commission.Through the programs, individuals and groups can apply for grants of up to $5,000 to plant trees, maintain trees currently protected by county ordinance or provide education and outreach activities contributing to the stewardship of trees. Applications will be evaluated by a committee of the two sponsoring organizations and the county government’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Resources.

Registered Consulting Arborist Baker gives advice on designing for trees in urban places; Seattle, WA; 4/9/09

Making room for trees in the urban landscape Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (subscription) - Seattle,WA,USA
There are many strategies in use for planting trees in urban settings.
Landscape architect and arborist James Urban has worked for many years to understand, develop and document tree planting strategies and to educate arborists, landscape architects and landscape installers in their use. Urban’s recent publication, “Up by Roots,” is long-awaited treatise on the subject of trees’ needs below ground and how to accommodate them in the built environment.

Toronto braces for annual emergence of ash borer; Toronto, Ontario, Canada; 4/15/09

Toronto's war with beetle resumes next month National Post - Toronto,Ontario,Canada
Toronto’s war with the Emerald Ash Borer resumes next month, when the bug will come out of the wood work, literally, for mating season.
The metallic green beetle, which has killed more than one million trees in southwestern Ontario, was discovered in Toronto in 2007 and has since infested 6% of the city’s street trees — about 27,000 ashes. It is expected to demolish the city’s ash trees in the next 10 years.

Grow Boston Greener hosts tree plantings as part of effort to increase UTC from 29% to 35%; Boston, MA; 4/15/09

News & Press Releases - City of Boston By Parks and Recreation
The City of Boston will be holding three tree planting events from 10 a.m. to 12 noon to celebrate Arbor Day 2009 on Friday, April 24.
The plantings are hosted by the Boston Parks and Recreation Department in partnership with Boston Shines and Grow Boston Greener, a partnership between the City and Boston’s Urban Forest Coalition, a coalition of non-profit, city, state, and federal organizations. All are being held rain or shine.
Grow Boston Greener (GBG) is a collaborative effort of the City of Boston and its partners in Boston’s Urban Forest Coalition (BUFC) to increase the urban tree canopy cover in the city by planting 100,000 trees by 2020. The planting of these trees will increase Boston’s tree canopy cover from 29% to 35%, by 2030 as the planted trees mature.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Town 'going green' for Earth Day thanks to UTC grant; Williamsport, MD; 4/15/09

Around Williamsport Hagerstown Morning Herald - Hagerstown,MD,USA
On Saturday, Earth Day begins at Pavilion 1 in Byron Memorial Park at 9 a.m.
Volunteers should bring work gloves and planting tools. Earth Day T-shirts provided by sponsors will be given to volunteers, along with fresh doughnuts and beverages. Williamsport received an Urban Tree Canopy Grant. Volunteers, along with the Maryland Forest Service, will replace several trees in the park and plant trees along Potomac Street.

Toronto suburb bracing for ash borer-related destruction; Huntsville, Ontario, Canada; 4/15/09

Bracing for impact: Asian beetle moves north Huntsville Forester - Huntsville,Ontario,Canada
As a tiny beetle munches its way through Toronto’s ash trees, local Ministry of Natural Resources staff are bracing for impact.
Last month, Toronto’s director of urban forestry, Richard Ubbens told Toronto media that the emerald ash borer beetle “will wipe out all ash trees” in the city over the next 10 years.

Town earns 18th Tree City USA Growth Award; Davie, FL; 4/15/09

Davie earns green growth award for tree-planting projects - Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA
But thanks to several landscape architects and one specialist, Davie last month pocketed its 18th Arbor Day Foundation Tree City USA Growth Award for its commitment to tree care and environmentally friendly projects.The impact of starting out weak but finishing strong with green public works projects isn't lost on Davie urban forester Tim Lee."We weren't using the 'right tree, right place' concept," Lee said. "But now, after two decades, we have such great knowledge of the town's native plants and it has earned us this prestigious award. It shows we protect and preserve our natural resources and particularly our tree canopy."

Lack of spring leaf-out reveals Hurricane Ike's salty surge killed many trees; Galveston, TX; 4/15/09

Lack of leaves is not good for island's trees Daily News - Galveston County - TX,USA
Seven months after Hurricane Ike saturated their roots with salty storm surge, most of the island’s trees are still bare.The lack of new leaves is a bad sign, said Texas Forest Service experts, who had hoped the trees would have shown some signs of life by now.Next week, a team from the state agency will assess the trees on public property — many of which were planted after the 1900 Storm — and decide which ones should be replaced.But as 4-foot saplings take the place of 30-foot trees, it will be another 100 years before the island’s landscape looks like it did before the storm, experts say.

Indianapolis congregation mixes faith and works by tree planting and commitment to watering and maintenance; Indianapolis, IN; 4/14/09

Trees to be Planted at Indianapolis Church Coincides with Greening ...
Central Christian was chosen to receive the trees because it is located in downtown Indianapolis, which has only about a 15 percent tree canopy. "Studies show that urban settings should have about a 25 percent canopy," noted Herrmann. "Trees help mitigate the urban heat island effect, along with all their many other benefits."
Andrew Hart, director of the NeighborWoods program at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, said KIB focuses on neighborhoods that need trees the most, such as areas with a low tree canopy, a high urban heat island effect, high industrial emissions, and a high concentration of children.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Frederick Planning Commission calls for UTC increase from present 12% to 40%; Frederick, MD; 4/14/09

Frederick panel urges increasing tree canopy - USA
Frederick's tree canopy was recently measured at 12 percent.
But officials recommend increasing the tree canopy to 40 percent over the next 20 years or more.
The planning commission on Monday approved recommending the urban forest management plan to the Board of Aldermen. The proposal would also establish a tree commission.

Monday, April 13, 2009

How remote sensing and Google Earth have changed the game for global conservation efforts; Earth; 4/13/09

Remote sensing and conservation - USA
While most remote sensing work remains the domain of specialists, the emergence of Google Earth has leveled the playing field, offering the potential that Google Earth can do for remote sensing what the iPod did for digital music—reach and engage the masses. In the process it is enhancing the ability of researchers to communicate their work to policy makers, other scientists, and most importantly the general public.
One of the early Google Earth Outreach projects involved indigenous tribes in the Amazon rainforest. Facing an onslaught of threats to their forest lands and culture, the tribes have embraced advanced technology as a means to protect and better manage their rainforest homeland. The tribes—including the Surui in western Brazil and the Wayana and Trio in Suriname, are using GPS to map their lands and plot rivers, sites of spiritual significance, and their resources, including medicinal plants and rich hunting grounds.

Portland, OR holds design lessons for other cities; 4/12/09

Portland's Saturday Market along the LRT line .RTH Does Northwest Part 2: Portland, Oregon Raise the Hammer - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
This post includes photos of design examples showing Portland's exemplary incorporation of trees and green into the urban fabric.

Implementation failure of city tree preservation law leads to wildlife management issues; London, Ontario, Canada; 4/13/09

Deer cull talk as old as time London Free Press - London,Ontario,Canada
I went over the drawings of the proposed subdivision with a city planner. Then we bought the house. Despite the prospects of a lost woodlot and noisy construction, the house nicely matched the needs of our family. We gambled that the new housing wouldn't hurt the value of the property and took a little comfort in the fact that a tree "canopy" was to be preserved between existing homes and the new subdivision.
That canopy turned out to be developer flim flam; no such tree line was saved, revealing the city's tree preservation measures to be simultaneously cynical and impotent.
One certainty did, however, emerge: The gradual felling of those trees had the effect of involuntarily relocating -- or killing -- hundreds of animals that had made their homes in that woodlot.

Friday, April 10, 2009

N.J. Tree Foundation's Urban Airshed Reforestation Program in Camden has added 10 acres of UTC; Camden, NJ; 4/10/09

Trees bring shade, pride to Camden neighborhoods Cherry Hill Courier Post - Cherry Hill,NJ,USA
The N.J. Tree Foundation's Urban Airshed Reforestation Program in Camden wasn't expected to last this long when it first started in 2002. At that time, the state Department of Environmental Protection had given the Trenton-based nonprofit $1 million, half of the settlement a utility paid for an air pollution violation. The foundation planned to plant as many trees as that money could buy over three years.
By now, the foundation has planted more than 3,240 trees throughout the city with the help of some 6,100 volunteers and 104 partnerships.
That's six times more than the foundation has planted in a similar effort in Newark over the past three years.
In total, the group estimates they've added about 10 acres of canopy cover to the city with 81 species of trees.

Developing the UTC program planned for Earth Day & Arbor Day celebration; St. Petersburg, FL; 4/9/09

April events planned at Weedon Island Tampa Bay Newspapers - Seminole,FL,USA
Why not celebrate Earth Day in April with a stop by Weedon Island Preserve in St. Petersburg and experience first hand the beauty of our planet?The Preserve reveals roughly 3,700 acres sprawling next to Old Tampa Bay. It is a rich mosaic of mangrove forest, open salt flats, pine flatwoods and oak hammocks. A window into the past is opened to discover the prehistoric people that once inhabited the land, and visitors can learn about their ancient culture and how people continue to shape the environment.To help celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day on Saturday, April 18, from 8:30 to 9:30 a.m., a Developing the Urban Tree Canopy and Your Florida Yard program is planned

Thursday, April 9, 2009

USDA Secretary and NYC Mayor team up to create $2 million Green Jobs effort to support NYC UTC goal; NYC; 4/8/09

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and US Department of Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that the Department of Agriculture has awarded a $2 million grant to create green jobs and restore urban forests in New York City. The grant will create up to 20 new jobs in horticulture and forestry over the next two years for graduates of the MillionTreesNYC training program. MillionTreesNYC is a public-private partnership between the Bloomberg Administration and New York Restoration Project (NYRP) that aims to plant one million new trees throughout the five boroughs by 2017.
"These young Americans will embark on careers in the growing field of urban natural resource management and restoration and help show others that green jobs programs can be a path out of poverty."

Ottawa suburb's effort to increase UTC from 17% to 30% threatened by borer - 1/4 of city trees are ash; Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Canada, 4/8/09

Emerald ash borer is destroying local trees Kanata Kourier Standard - Canada
“It’s not good news for trees,” said Copestake, one of the night’s two speakers.
Approximately one quarter of the city's trees are ash. The infestation of emerald ash borers in ash trees was first detected in the July 2008 in the east end of Ottawa.
Copestake emphasized the importance of Ottawa's trees, which store and sequester enough tonnes of carbon dioxide to offset 10 million car trips.
Ottawa’s urban land is sheltered by 17 per cent tree canopy but the city’s aim is 30 per cent.

NJ DEP gives tree grants for demand-side energy reduction through Cool Cities program; Palmyra, NJ; 4/8/09

Cool relief: State donates trees to Palmyra - Philadelphia,PA,USA
Three hundred trees for free and a chance for more may sound too good to be true, but it's not.
The borough recently learned it had been selected to receive hundreds of trees as part of the Cool Cities program, sponsored by the state Department of Environmental Protection and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.
The statewide initiative is aimed at planting more trees in developed and urban areas to reduce the demand for electricity and lower overall energy consumption.
"[Tree] canopy cover helps residents with heating and cooling costs, it increases property value, and makes the town more aesthetically appealing," said Scheffler, the council's liaison to the Shade Tree Commission.

KY hopes beetle imports can save hemlocks from exotic pest; KY; 4/7/09

New beetle enlisted in fight to save Ky. forests - Charlotte,NC,USA
An aphid-like insect no bigger than an ink pen dot has been turning picturesque hemlock forests from Maine to Georgia into grotesque collections of barren trunks and broken branches.
Despite foresters' efforts to stop them, woolly adelgids have advanced south through the Appalachians like an invading army, plundering the majestic evergreens.
Having seen the carnage in other states, foresters in Kentucky are taking a new defensive tack, enlisting a species of predatory beetles native to the Pacific Northwest to devour the invaders. Can the tiny beetles, barely larger than poppy seeds, save Kentucky's hemlocks?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mayor and State Rep partner to close loophole in tree law, stopping pre-development clear-cutting; San Antonio, TX; 4/4/09

Tree-clearing developers told to 'sin no more'
Mayor Phil Hardberger stood on the steps of City Hall, announced he intended to close a loophole in San Antonio's tree preservation ordinance and told wayward developers Friday: “Go and sin no more.”
The mayor was flanked by state Rep. Mike Villarreal, D-San Antonio, who has authored legislation to give the city “more muscle” to enforce its land-use ordinances. A small crowd of environmentalists applauded Hardberger and Villarreal.
Friday's news conference was missing mayoral candidate Diane Cibrian, who, like the mayor, had pledged to fix the tree ordinance.
The city's rules are intended to protect San Antonio's diminishing tree canopy from urban sprawl, but a loophole allows developers to bulldoze trees for ranching or farming. Gutierrez had leased his property to a rancher, who bulldozed thousands of trees. Then one of Gutierrez's companies filed plans to develop the property.

Boston College's Eric Strauss and colleague connect UTC efforts, Green Jobs opportunities, and UTC efforts for CNN audience; Boston, MA; 4/4/09

Commentary: Shovel-ready projects that create jobs CNN - USA
Spending billions of dollars on green restoration in urban and suburban downtowns and along highways will create jobs for everyone from high school students to research scientists, from people comfortable swinging a shovel or sitting at a computer.
Friday's bleak unemployment report demonstrated just how vital it is to create jobs in this economic downturn.

Increasing white surfaces in urban areas may be better albedo solution than clear cutting the planet; Earth; 4/5/09

Keeping Cool with the Albedo Effect - Santa Barbara,CA,USA
The amount of heat removed from the atmosphere by painting a 10-square-meter dark roof white would cool the Earth as much as removing 630 kilograms of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Replacing a square meter of asphalt pavement with concrete or white topping is like removing 38 kilograms of carbon dioxide over a year.
On a global scale, with urban areas comprising about 1 percent of the Earth's land surface and roofs and paved surfaces comprising about 25 percent and 35 percent of a typical urban area, respectively, lightening their color would have the same cooling effect as keeping 44 gigitons of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere

Citizen concerned that park upgrades mean removal of many mature trees; Agassiz, BC, Canadal 4/1/09

Knowing the value of Harrison’s mature trees Agassiz Harrison Observer - Agassiz,BC,Canada
The recent report in the Observer (March 19 / 09) that the Harrison Hot Springs Village Council plans to upgrade Rendall Park after long neglect should make citizens happy. However, The Village proposes to remove some of the older maples and add new trees and landscaping. Adding new trees and landscaping, if native species (Naturescape) are used, is a good idea. Removal of mature trees is not an idea friendly to human or environmental health.

A guide to Baltimore's green groups; Baltimore, MD; 4/1/09

Green City Urbanite Baltimore - Baltimore,MD,USA
Parks & People Foundation : Through the “Revitalizing Baltimore” program, a government-private-nonprofit partnership, Parks & People provides technical assistance for community greening projects, from gardens to street trees. The organization also publishes the Guide to Neighborhood Greening. Their twice-yearly Community Grants program provides small sums for neighborhood greening efforts.
Baltimore City Forestry Division: This division of the Recreation and Parks Department cares for the trees that line city streets and parks. You can volunteer to help plant or care for trees, or request to have one planted on your street.
Tree Baltimore: This piece of Mayor Dixon’s Cleaner Greener initiative sets out to double the city’s tree canopy—the area shaded by trees in summer—from 20 percent of the overall surface area to 40 percent.

Board Certified Master Arborist Dave Leonard shares tips on post ice-storm tree care; Lexington, KY; 4/1/09

Life & Limb Business Lexington - Lexington,KY,USA

To say that the crew at Dave Leonard Consulting Arborist, Inc. has been busy since the ice storm in late January ravished thousands of trees in central Kentucky would be akin to saying the employees at H&R Block are busy the night before taxes are supposed to be post marked: it's a gross understatement.The company, helmed by arborist Dave Leonard and his 30-plus years of experience in tree care, education and advocacy, is a professional lot of horticulturists, biologists, foresters and impressive tree scramblers, concerned with anything and everything related to trees – even properly installed tire swings.

Citizens upset by wide-spread tree removal in advance of tree protection law; Guelph, Ontario, Canada; 4/1/09

Tree-clearing frustrates city Guelph Mercury - Guelph,Ontario,Canada
Jim Riddell, director of community design and development, said city staff are working on a new tree bylaw. He said council should get a status update on the bylaw before summer, and the legislation should be in place by the end of this year.
But Piper wants to see something sooner, if possible.
"What I'm seeing lately are perfectly healthy trees coming down for no good reason whatsoever," Piper said, adding without an interim bylaw "we're going to continue losing healthy trees."
Coun. Mike Salisbury said he has noticed "pre-emptive tree clearing" in his west end ward, as developers remove foliage well in advance of building.

Pubic invited to Trees Task Force meeting; Clackamas County, OR; 3/31/09

County news in brief Clackamas Review - Portland,OR,USA
The Trees Task Force was appointed by the Clackamas Board of County Commissioners in September 2008 to address issues related to maintaining and enhancing the tree canopy in the urban, unincorporated area of the County.
The public is welcome to attend to observe and to speak during public input portions of the agenda.

Trees, parks central to downtown plan; Baton Rouge, LA; 03/31/09

Downtown plan urges trees, parks 2TheAdvocate - Baton Rouge,LA,USA
Consultant Doug Reed, of landscape architecture firm Reed Hildebrand, talked about how cities, notably Charleston, S.C., have used tree canopies to make their streetscapes more pleasant. With the proper techniques, trees can live as long as 50 years in an urban environment, though he pointed out this will take money.