Monday, April 20, 2009

Killing pest on residential citrus trees is new part of strategy to control grape-killing Pierce's Disease; Fresno, CA; 4/17/09

Fresno County ag officials escalate battle against a growing pest ...Fresno Bee - Fresno,CA,USA
To help combat the pest in urban areas, county and state officials are placing a greater emphasis on killing it in residential citrus trees.
Treatment will involving burying a tablet of the insecticide — CoreTec — under the tree's canopy. The chemical will be taken up through the tree roots and kill the sharpshooter once it feeds on the plants new growth.
Francone assures the public that there is no risk in eating oranges harvested from trees that are treated.
The county is also taking a new approach in how it treats an infested site.
In previous years, county crews would apply the insecticide Merit to the front and back yards of a home and the two adjacent front yards.
Now, once a site has been identified, workers will treat all host plants within a 100-yard radius.

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