Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Citizens call for emulation of NYC million tree pledge in wake of "tree massacre"; New Haven, CT; 4/24/09

Coalition Sprouts from Tree “Massacre” New Haven Independent - CT, USA
In the wake of a recent chop-down of beloved trees, St. Ronan-Edgehill neighbors and activists called for new city laws to protect their arboreal friends in the future.
Chris Ozyck, one of the city’s major tree planters through the Urban Resources Institute, said trees not only do what we all know they do in terms of producing oxygen and shade, but they reduce through their shading the cracking of asphalt and thus saves the city lots of money.
As part of its tree canopy goals, he said New York City has committed to planting one million new trees, and he called for New Haven as a city to make the policy changes necessary to be part of this.

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