Friday, April 17, 2009

Registered Consulting Arborist Baker gives advice on designing for trees in urban places; Seattle, WA; 4/9/09

Making room for trees in the urban landscape Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce (subscription) - Seattle,WA,USA
There are many strategies in use for planting trees in urban settings.
Landscape architect and arborist James Urban has worked for many years to understand, develop and document tree planting strategies and to educate arborists, landscape architects and landscape installers in their use. Urban’s recent publication, “Up by Roots,” is long-awaited treatise on the subject of trees’ needs below ground and how to accommodate them in the built environment.

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  1. "Up by Roots" is an excellent book and should be used as a text book for all university landscape architecture programs.

    For more info on urban tree space design, check out our award winning Tree Space Design report:



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