Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tree earns name Gypsy - has been moved to third location in its life; Durango, CO; 4/23/09

The Independent Weekly Line on Durango and Beyond Durango Telegraph - Durango,CO,USA
The college is off to an admirable start with the relocation of “Gypsy,” a Rocky Mountain juniper native to the FLC site. Gypsy got her name due to her nomadic “nature” – she has been moved twice in her lifetime, which is highly unusual for tree. The team from Animas Valley Arborists, headed up by owner and arborist David Temple, bestowed the 38,500-pound specimen with the name.
Temple has known Gypsy since the mid ’90s. His company was first hired to determine which trees would best survive a move, once again to make way for college construction. Temple and crew moved Gypsy from an area near Berndt Hall to her now-former location between the college union and the library. Since then, the tree has survived and thrived, with a canopy circumference extending more than 30 feet, providing significant shade in the summertime.

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