Friday, April 24, 2009

Cumberland celebrates Arbor Day with local and national awards for outstanding planting and other efforts; Cumberland, MD; 4/23/09

Cumberland Times-News - Students branch out as city nets 2 awards
The city was presented with two awards, the PLANT Community Award and the Tree City USA Award.“PLANT comes from Planting, Loving and Nurturing Trees,” said Don Malaney, chairman of the Allegany County Forestry Board. “And it is my honor to present the green award, the highest award, to Cumberland.”Malaney said the city has taken many actions to once again receive this award.“In 2008, Cumberland planted 224 new trees in the city and recycled 200 Christmas trees,” he said. “They collected 90 tons of leaves to be composted and contracted for removal of 25 hazardous trees and 113 tree stumps.”Wilson presented the Tree City USA Award and said it is not an easy award to come by.

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