Monday, April 13, 2009

Implementation failure of city tree preservation law leads to wildlife management issues; London, Ontario, Canada; 4/13/09

Deer cull talk as old as time London Free Press - London,Ontario,Canada
I went over the drawings of the proposed subdivision with a city planner. Then we bought the house. Despite the prospects of a lost woodlot and noisy construction, the house nicely matched the needs of our family. We gambled that the new housing wouldn't hurt the value of the property and took a little comfort in the fact that a tree "canopy" was to be preserved between existing homes and the new subdivision.
That canopy turned out to be developer flim flam; no such tree line was saved, revealing the city's tree preservation measures to be simultaneously cynical and impotent.
One certainty did, however, emerge: The gradual felling of those trees had the effect of involuntarily relocating -- or killing -- hundreds of animals that had made their homes in that woodlot.

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