Thursday, April 30, 2009

Plant sale offers state rebate coupons of $50 for every tree planted; Cumberland, MD; 4/29/09

Downtown in full bloom this weekend for plant sale Cumberland Times-News - Cumberland,MD,USA
Yockus said although a satellite image shows the city does have fairly good tree canopy, when the mountains, forests and areas that are unbuildable are taken away, that percentage drops dramatically.“We encourage people to plant trees, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s on private or public property; a tree’s a tree,” he said. “And the more people recognizing the value of trees — for shade, cleaning pollutants out of the air, helping with water runoff and so forth — the better. We have gained some ground but we can lose it pretty quickly if a major developer comes in and decides to whack down some trees; it’s an ongoing battle.”

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