Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ottawa suburb's effort to increase UTC from 17% to 30% threatened by borer - 1/4 of city trees are ash; Beaverbrook, Ottawa, Canada, 4/8/09

Emerald ash borer is destroying local trees Kanata Kourier Standard - Canada
“It’s not good news for trees,” said Copestake, one of the night’s two speakers.
Approximately one quarter of the city's trees are ash. The infestation of emerald ash borers in ash trees was first detected in the July 2008 in the east end of Ottawa.
Copestake emphasized the importance of Ottawa's trees, which store and sequester enough tonnes of carbon dioxide to offset 10 million car trips.
Ottawa’s urban land is sheltered by 17 per cent tree canopy but the city’s aim is 30 per cent.

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