Wednesday, April 29, 2009

With more than one in three trees being ash, replanting from borer losses could cost $2.5 million; Eau Claire, WI; 4/26/09

Eau Claire faces major threat from ash borer Leader-Telegram - Eau Claire,WI,USA
To Eau Claire residents, the ash trees lining many of Eau Claire's streets and scattered throughout parks and yards form a much-appreciated green canopy, offering shade from the hot summer sun.
But to the emerald ash borer, those same ash trees, which number more than one of every three of the city's 80,000-plus trees, represent an appetizing feast.
The dreaded bug known for its distinctive bright-green color has made quick work of urban ash forests elsewhere in the U.S. and threatens to do the same in Eau Claire and other Chippewa Valley communities.

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