Sunday, February 15, 2009

Street tree master plan calls for gradual changes in species composition; Alameda, CA; 2/12/09

New City Tree Plan: Urban Forest in Flux Alameda Sun - Alameda,CA,USA
Just a few Alamedans concerned about the status of their city's 15,000 or so "street" trees recently sat through a two-hour Master Tree Plan Update derived from a 51-page document called the "Tree Inventory Results & City-wide Planting Palette."
Nothing like this has been produced for the Master Tree Plan since 1989, but exactly when and how the new update findings may be implemented is problematic at this time. That's due to the general economy and budget constraints, according to Deputy Public Works Director/Engineer Barbara Hawkins. But, she emphasized, a canopy of beautiful trees not only makes Alameda a better place to live, but adds substantially to property values.

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