Friday, February 27, 2009

Proposed tree-cutting bylaw stirs strong feelings between foresters v. urbanites; Huntsville, Ontario, Canada; 2/25/09

Landowners should make own decisions on tree-cutting Huntsville Forester - Ontario, Canada
In an attempt to protect landowners from themselves, the bylaw legislates what a landowner can and cannot do with the trees on their privately owned — not publicly owned — property.
I would also suggest the writer do their homework and learn the difference between land development and timber harvesting. Land development is where trees are cut down so that structures can be built on the property. Timber harvesting is where trees are cut for the purpose of utilizing the wood and or improving the health and vitality of the forested property. There’s a huge difference. These are two different industries with two distinct purposes. Don’t confuse or lump the two together just because both involve the cutting of trees.

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