Thursday, February 5, 2009

Roanoke has "zero chance" of achieving UTC goal; Roanoke, VA; 2/5/09

Business/Finance: City Planning Commission Members Warn Council of ...By Valerie Garner
Rick Williams, Roanoke City Planning Commission member said, "there is zero chance of [Roanoke City] achieving its tree canopy goals." In 2003 Roanoke City Council set a goal of reaching a 40% tree canopy within 10 years. Commission member, Kent Chrisman, said that "one acre of clear cutting" wipes out any efforts on the part of the city’s streetscape efforts.
Chrisman said Roanoke is suffering from the Urban Island effect. The effect results in increased temperatures due to the thermal effect created by an increase in asphalt and pavement. He added that without the help of the private sector Roanoke would not meet its goal.

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