Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tree advocates and city staff cooperate to protect trees, incorporate them into green infrastructure projects; Ukiah, CA; 3/20/09

Urban foresters: Tree groups, city join forces to protect Ukiah's ...Ukiah Daily Journal - Ukiah,CA,USA
At times, according to Gordon and Sanders, agencies have not operated in a cohesive fashion. One example Sanders cites is the potential conflict between tree preservation and the need to move water efficiently from one place to another. In the case of the upcoming creek diversion near Gobbi and Oak Manor Drive, the Friends of Gibson Creek were, according to Sanders, "concerned that ancient oak trees along the creek would not be able to take the heavy equipment." The Friends requested the installation of a bio-swale so that runoff would percolate before it got to the stream.
"The city modified its plans to include the swale and protect the oak trees." It is this type of cooperative effort that both ReLeaf and Friends of Gibson Creek hope to foster and even formalize in some fashion, so that city staff may receive training and guidance from designated experts as needed, and the community can continue to have input on how to best protect and preserve its green resources.

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