Monday, July 12, 2010

Greening Philadelphia Tree by Tree; Philadelphia, PA

Greening Philadelphia Tree by Tree - Metropolis:
William Penn's vision of a 'Greene Country Towne' faded to black and grey long ago. Viewed from above, Philadelphia today has huge swaths of hot spots - where asphalt and concrete predominate and the color green is hard to find. This is what makes the program underway to reforest the city so interesting.
No one exactly uses the word 'reforest,' but the ambitious scope of the Philadelphia Tree Planting Initiative demands a re-imagining of the city's landscape.
The plans ambitious - and almost certainly unattainable-- goal is to plant 300,000 trees over the next five years and to double the percentage of the city's tree cover (or canopy, as it is called) by 2026.

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