Monday, November 22, 2010

State Senator halts utility pruning following public outrage - Dallas, TX

Meeting With State Senator John Carona | Save Dallas Trees:
On Wednesday, November 17th, several of our supporters met with Senator John Carona to discuss what can be done regarding Oncor’s 10 foot 4 inch pruning minimum.

As people who attended our November 3rd meeting with Oncor will recall, Oncor’s representative stated through a video presentation that Oncor’s 10’ 4” requirement was based on an average of growth rates for trees, which was derived from Michael A. Dirr’s book, “Manual of Woody Landscape Plants”. Fortunately, we were able to contact Mr. Dirr for comment. In response to Oncor’s methodology, Mr. Dirr stated, “this is just fallacy”.

Senator Carona has stopped Oncor’s tree trimming until better alternatives are presented by Oncor. Thank goodness we have finally found an elected official who is concerned about the rights of his constituents.

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