Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Daily Gripe: NW resident persists in getting danger tree cut - Washington, DC

The Daily Gripe - NW resident persists in getting danger tree cut

The good news is that Pepco and DDOT don't go around cutting trees down all willy-nilly. The bad news is that it took about six months for them to come cut down an ivy-covered poplar tree that the Daily Gripe reported was in danger of touching a power line after a spate of summer storms. The trunk of the tree was growing between two power lines in the 7900 block of Orchid Street.

Griper Richard Bellin followed up with us to say that his "persistence, perseverance, and just plain ornery stubbornness" paid off after contacting John Thomas at the District Department of Transportation in November and subsequently coordinating with Pepco.

Bellin said that Thomas assured him that the tree was healthy but sent two men to inspect it to "placate" him.

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