Friday, October 2, 2009

Approved streetscape plan provides for additional tree canopy; Los Altos, CA

Los Altos Town Crier - Los Altos OKs San Antonio streetscape:
Phase I – from Edith Ave- nue to the south end of Plaza 3 – will extend along the frontage of Parking Plaza 3 and include decorative crosswalks at Hillview and Hawthorne avenues, Pepper and Cuesta drives and Lyell Street, according to James Walgren, assistant city manager and director of planning, building and engineering.
Although there was agreement that the project would greatly enhance downtown’s visual appeal, councilmembers raised other concerns.
“We’ll be losing more parking spaces – 13 with this project – in the downtown area,” said Councilwoman Val Carpenter, chairwoman of the Downtown Development Committee, which spearheads the revitalization.
Other elements include landscaping along Plaza 3’s green wall with stormwater runoffs, an expanded tree canopy, traffic-calming measures such as raised crosswalks and beautification at San Antonio Road intersections.

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