Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tree ordinance would protect trees 18" in diameter or larger; Paducah, KY

West Kentucky Star - News: Tree Preservation Ordinance Review
Planning Director, Steve Ervin, presented the Commission with a draft of a tree preservation ordinance. The purpose of the plan is to preserve and protect the City’s tree canopy and prevent clear cutting of property larger than an acre. A Preliminary Tree Inventory and Plan shall be submitted for all new commercial or residential developments that contain a minimum of one acre, all subdivision of property of three or more lots, and subdivisions that contain a minimum of one acre. This Preliminary Tree Inventory and Plan would an inventory all trees greater than 18 inches in diameter. If a developer needs to remove a tree larger than 18 inches in diameter, the developer would be responsible for replacing the tree with 3 or more trees depending upon the size of the original tree.

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