Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fig tree to be removed for alleged numerous instances of public infrastructure disruption - Enmore, New South Wales, Australia

Enmore Fig tree to be removed « SAVING OUR TREES-Dulwich Hill-Camperdown-Enmore-Lewisham-Marrickville-Newtown-Petersham-St Peters-Stanmore-Sydenham-Tempe

here is a new street tree up for removal. It is another Hills Fig (Ficus microcarpa var. hillii), this time at 10 Cambridge Street Enmore, but on the Cavendish Street frontage.
Marrickville Council gives the following as reasons for removal:
  • Repeated regular root interference with drainage lines of private residence that cannot be rectified without significant structural demolition. The installation of root barrier at the property boundary is not a viable management option due to the proximity to the critical root zone of the tree. Pruning of roots this close to the tree would almost certainly compromise its structural integrity & present an unacceptable risk of tree failure.

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