Friday, October 1, 2010

Utility clear cut leaves even conservatives fuming - Roanoke, VA

Trees coming down for power upgrade -

Paul Giordano was incensed.

The Raleigh Court resident had just visited a rental home he owns in the Grandin Court neighborhood, in which he and his wife had lived for many years.

He couldn't believe his eyes. Spring Road had changed dramatically in less than a week.

Gone were bunches of big trees and the shade they provided. Some were 60- to 100-foot-tall spruces or pines within pebble-tossing distance of Giordano's property.

Those trees gave an extra measure of green to streets where the houses are close together.
In their wake lay 15- and 20-foot sections of 2-foot-wide tree trunks, shorn of limbs, in his neighbors' yards.

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