Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Florida Tree Sit Against Deforestation, Biotechnology & Vivisection - FL

Florida Tree Sit Against Deforestation, Biotechnology & Vivisection - Infoshop News

On Monday, February 14th, a tree sit and canopy occupation kicked off in a 650 acre pine and saw palmetto forest, known as the Briger tract, in South Florida. The goal of the occupation is to block the fast approaching destruction of the forest and the construction of what state officials and developers have called a biotech city.

The Scripps biotech corporation is connected to Novartis, Monsanto, Primate Products, Phillip Morris, Kraft Foods and the Scripps Media conglomeration. Another Scripps campus in La Jolla, California has been cited several times for abusive experiments on a variety of animals. Scripps Florida is currently engaged in research which involves horrendous experiments on living macaque monkeys.

Linking forest defense with direct action against vivisection, urban sprawl, and the corporate ownership of life, the Briger occupation is under way and in need of physical, financial, and spiritual support. We are requesting care packages and letters addressed to the tree sitters as well as phone calls to the mayor of the city of Palm Beach Gardens and solidarity actions at the California campus.

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