Wednesday, February 23, 2011

‘Polarizing' zipline plan aired -Chase, CA

‘Polarizing' zipline plan aired in Chase | City & Region | Kamloops Daily News

Many in the business community spoke out in favour Tuesday. Many other residents said it will commercialize a special place that includes waterfalls.

But Betts said the proposal has passed an environmental study, will provide economic development, and trail access will be improved to the canyon for residents.

"Our goal is to operate a viable business, long-term. We want that business in no way to interrupt public enjoyment of the land."

But that's exactly what some residents fear.

"The tree canopy would have a 13 by 13 (metre) swath cut through it," said Mary Porter.

Another resident, Sandra Miller, complained ,"It will be for thrill seekers" rather than families.

"How much repeat business are we looking at? I'm worried about sustainability."

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