Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Arbor Day thought on why people don't want trees; Virginia

MOUNTAIN VIEW: Some Roots and Trees:
As Virginia’s Arbor Day arrives, each year, I wonder what change in humanity makes it so hard to keep trees standing, these days. More reasons exist to remove trees, it appears, than there are trees left to remove.
“Bird-droppings terrify me.” “Utility lines overhead.” “Buried lines underground.” “Too close to the house.” “Shade on the patio.” “Might fall if there’s an earthquake.”
“Messes up the lawn.” “I heard somebody hid behind a tree somewhere and robbed somebody.” “Ours got ‘too big’.” “I had to dismount my riding mower to trim around them; so I cut mine down.”
Two basic mental “roots” feed our current penchant for tree removal and the barbaric, harmful topping that arborists beg us to quit subjecting our trees to. 1) fear. 2) the convenience of cars and machinery.

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