Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Historic Setting For Arbor Day Events; Leesburg, VA

Leesburg Today - The Journal of Loudoun County - Morven Park Provides Historic Setting For Arbor Day Events:
Introducing the Arbor Day Tree, which later was dedicated to Dr. Joe Rogers, of Hamilton, County Urban Forester Dana Malone said he was happy to see a historic tree planted at a historic site, noting that up to now, there has been only one historic Arbor Day tree-the Dwight D. Eisenhower Green Ash tree that was planted at the Lovettsville Community Center.

The 2010 tree, a sapling grown from an acorn of the Wye Oak, the nation's oldest and largest White Oak tree that died in 2002, was dedicated to Rogers as the owner of a similar, huge White Oak that fell in July 2007. That tree, had it lived, Malone estimated probably 'would have been the nation's largest tree, if only for a while.'

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