Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TreeVitalize spruces up the West Side; Kingston, PA

TreeVitalize spruces up the West Side The Times Leader, Wilkes-Barre, PA:
TreeVitalize spruces up the West Side
Volunteers of the program work to increase tree canopy cover in metro regions across the country.

KINGSTON – On a cold, wet and windy Saturday morning, a fleet of volunteers perused the landscape of Kingston with sleeves rolled up and shovels in hand, hoping to bring some green back to local parks and streets.
Over 15 volunteers, consisting of middle school and college students, Dallas 4-H Club members and municipal members, planted dozens of different species of trees in hopes of providing the town a larger natural canopy. Its benefits, storm water management, natural air filters and energy conservation, make the effort all that more important.
“Most of the trees we are planting today are replacement trees,” said Vincent Cotrone, Penn State Cooperative Extension urban forester and supervisor of the day’s activities. “In town, it is required by law that when a tree comes down, a tree goes up.”

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