Thursday, May 6, 2010

City ponders Landscaped Islands Ordinance, would require trees in parking lots; Evansville, IN

Landscaped Islands Ordinance « Green Business Network:
Tree planting is one way to improve our community and our environment. So, it is appropriate on this Arbor Day to discuss a new ordinance which requires developers to include trees and green spaces in large, new parking lots. The Landscaped Islands Ordinance, which was signed by Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel on March 9th, is in line with the Sustainability Policy implemented by the City in 2007
“Large parking lots are a common part of the landscape of cities across the country. What we are ensuring with this ordinance is that new parking lots in our community will include green space to make these areas more visually appealing and lessen their negative impact on our environment,” said Mayor Jonathan Weinzapfel.

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