Monday, January 17, 2011

City Plants Trees To Stay Green - Charlottesville, VA

City Plants Trees To Stay Green - NBC29:
This month, Charlottesville Parks and Recreation embarked on an effort to plant hundreds of new trees around the city. It is part of a city-wide effort to keep Charlottesville green.

Charlottesville City Councilor David Brown explained, 'If you look at Charlottesville from above, you see a lot of tree canopy and a lot of tree cover but that does not happen by itself.'

New plantings already line Forest Hills Park and are taking root along McIntire Road. There will be around 200 trees varying in all species from oaks to maples.

Brian Daly, of the Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Department described why the city chose January to plant. 'During the dormant season when trees are not actively growing is the best time to plant, you can better ensure survivability of the tree going forward.'

The trees cost about $225 each. In all, the city will spend around $450,000. The hope is that they will help replace those that were lost in last year's storms.

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