Sunday, January 30, 2011

Trees are worth the early effort - Flint, MI

Trees are worth the early effort |

Trees are often underestimated when it comes to appreciating their many benefits.
Besides enhancing landscapes and increasing the value of our homes, a tree’s leafy canopy helps reduce pollution and lower cooling costs. Trees can also serve as a windbreak and reduce heating costs.

When I was growing up, the trees my parents planted in my yard started their lives as markers for our baseball field. Today they shade most of the front yard on hot summer days.
Trees are a long-term investment. Some will stick around doing good things for our environment for more than 100 years, so it makes sense that they need a little extra attention during their early years. Given a solid beginning, most trees will require little more than an annual inspection and a slow drip hose during extreme drought.

Several new efforts are under way to focus on developing and caring for the urban tree canopy. You can learn how to select, plant and care for trees at the annual Keep Genesee County Beautiful Conference (810-767-9696) on March 5. If you want to purchase trees for your yard, contact the Genesee Conservation District (810-230-8766, ext. 5.) Its annual tree sale is on now and orders can be placed through mid-April. The trees will be available for pick-up the last weekend in April.

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