Saturday, January 29, 2011

Montreal sees tree canopy, greening as part of urban heat island mitigation strategy - Montreal, Canada

Cities fee ling the heat

To combat the heat island effect, Montreal has been slowly doubling its green spaces from three per cent of the Island to six per cent, which is the average for most cities in Canada. DeSousa said the city is also planting more trees. Some communities like Rosemont are requiring that white roofs replace asphalt. St. Laurent, Verdun and several other areas are planting trees to expand their canopy to up to 40 per cent. In the last few years, St. Laurent, where DeSousa is borough mayor, alone has planted 13,046 full grown and seedling/ sapling trees with a net gain of about 11,000 trees. Not only will this help cool the municipality and retain water, it will also consume more carbon dioxide. A heavy tree canopy can reduce temperatures several degrees.

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