Monday, September 28, 2009

Amazing Tree Quest finds remarkable trees, but one massive contender is lost in recent storm; London, Ontario, Canada

London Free Press - Local News- Tree contest dampened by loss of two winners:
Sat, September 26, 2009

Winners of 11 categories were announced yesterday

A contest that celebrated London's claim to the forest city moniker has shown how tenuous that connection has become -- one of 11 winners fell in a summer storm and a second was damaged by a city hall mishap.
Reforest London yesterday announced the winners of its Amazing Tree Quest, an effort that has drawn praise from environmentalists and the city's urban forester.
But only the shell of a trunk remains of a massive tree that garnered the most votes of support -- 82 -- and won the people's choice award.
The cottonwood tree fell during a storm from its sentinel position overlooking the forks of the Thames in the yard of Nancy Campbell private school, leaving children to play in the hollowed out trunk.
'It's a sad story,' said Julie Ryan of ReForest London.

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