Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Galveston Tree Committee calls for replanting, offers assistance; Galveston, TX

The Galveston County Daily News:
A time to sow and a time to reap

By Heber Taylor
The Daily News
Published September 22, 2009
Where would you most like to see Galveston focus its efforts in planting all those trees lost during Hurricane Ike? We’re not talking long-range here. We’re talking about this winter’s planting season, November to March.

Would you like to see efforts focused on replanting on the 25th Street esplanade, arguably the most beautiful street on the island?

How about focusing on replanting in three parks: Schreiber, Wright Cuney and Adoue?

What about a “neighborwoods” program? In Galveston, the city owns the land next to the street that people consider their front yards. What if the city helped with the cost of planting trees in neighborhoods where the neighbors were willing and pledged to help care for the trees?

The Galveston Tree Committee really wants to know. Its members want to know where you would like to see effort focused in the first real planting season since the storm.

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