Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Over 3,000 join Facebook group to save community oak slated for preservation during shopping centre development but now failing; Milton Keynes, UK

Concern over Oak tree - Heart 103.3:
More should have been done to look after and protect the oak tree in the middle of Midsummer Place Shopping Centre.
That’s according to Milton Keynes councillor, Roger Bristow.
He claims that when the shopping centre was given planning permission one of the conditions was that the oak tree, known as the North Bucks Oak – and the only tree saved from the site that was Bradwell Common – should be fully protected and retained. That’s one reason why the shopping centre isn’t totally covered with a roof.
There are now concerns that the oak tree is dying – and a facebook group for people worried about the tree has even been set up with thousands of members. This year there have been very few leaves on the iconic tree.

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