Monday, September 21, 2009

Groups offer tree care classes for citizens, bilingual tree worker training for professionals; Yuma, AZ

Tree and Landscape Expo offers trimming tips tree, trees, brower - Life - YumaSun:
As owner of Terra Verde Horticultural Care, Dan Brower sees more unhealthy trees around Yuma than he cares to.
Much of the problem, he says, stems from improper pruning practices.
So when he and others recently assumed positions on the Yuma Community Tree Council, they agreed that teaching proper techniques could go a long way in the council's overall mission of improving the health of trees in the Yuma area.
Brower raised funds to bring in certified arborists from Tucson to put on a bilingual training session in Yuma on Oct. 13 for those in the area who make their livings pruning or otherwise working with trees.

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