Sunday, February 28, 2010

Duluth proposed ordinance to protect disapearing tree canopy; Duluth. MN - Proposed Tree Ordinance:
'People come to Duluth for the trees and the water and the fishing and the hiking. They don't come to Duluth for asphalt and turf grass,' said Christine Penney, chair of the Duluth Tree Commission.
But Penney says due to recent development projects, Duluth is losing it's tree canopy. That's why the commission wants to include tree replacement requirements in the new city zoning code. Penney says it will help keep Duluth green and protect certain tree species.
'Our white pine, spruce, hemlock, tamarack, if you take out trees that add value, they need to be replaced at a set rate,' Penney said.
This requirement would apply to developers who cut down more than 10 significant trees, meaning those with trunks more than eight inches in diameter. And they'd only have to replant half the volume of trees they removed, or they could pay the city to do it.

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