Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Progress being made, but 47,000 empty street tre locations remain; Buffalo, NY

Thinking of Green City Buffalo Rising - SlideFrame_0:
With the Powder Keg Festival this coming weekend and the weather definitely still exhibiting the signs of winter - I invite everyone to begin thinking about spring. I know it's some time off yet but as we are approaching the tail end we need to start preparing for Re-Tree WNY's Spring Tree Planting.

Thanks to continued support from everyone in the community donating their time, energy and resources together we have truly begun to reforest our city. The accompanying map shows all the street trees that have been planted since Re-Tree WNY's inception in 2007 (this does not include the parks). While progress has definitely been made in every corner of the city - the second map shows the continued need. The City of Buffalo still has approximately 47,000 available planting locations! So please consider lending a hand this spring.

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