Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tree ordinance move grows into resistance; Chapel Hill, NC

The Herald-Sun - Tree ordinance move grows into resistance: "A move to strengthen the town's tree ordinance hit a snag Monday, drawing criticism from both residents and council members for being too stringent.

As a result, the council sent the draft ordinance back to the drawing board and directed staff to return May 24 with a kinder, gentler version that addresses concerns voiced by council members and citizens during a public hearing on the matter Monday.

'I really wonder after reading this if we've kind of over-baked it,' said Councilman Gene Pease, who acknowledged his role in pushing the town toward the ordinance while serving on the Planning Board a few years ago.

As proposed, the ordinance would establish minimum tree canopy coverage for lots and individual tracts and standards for tree removal activities on residential property, excluding routine maintenance activities.

Removing trees in some instances would require a permit. Property owners would have to demonstrate that a lot will continue to meet minimum tree canopy coverage after trees are removed and replacement trees are planted."

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