Saturday, February 13, 2010

Solar Ivy Could Put New Creeping Spin On Solar Panels - can even mimic the way tree canopy filters light

Solar Ivy Could Put New Creeping Spin On Solar Panels EarthTechling:
Excuse me, are those solar panels growing on your house? A new product called Solar Ivy, under development by Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology (SMIT) and up for a grant from Pepsi, may have conversations like this occurring between neighbors sometime in the near future .
According to Dvice, Solar Ivy is a disguised solar power system ideal for older buildings and apartment complexes. SMIT developed Solar Ivy to be a structurally adaptive and customizable system that not only mimics the form of ivy, but its relationship to the environment. Towards that end, flexible photovoltaic “leaves” shift in the breeze while converting solar energy into electricity, and shade the building from heat during the day. According to SMIT, Solar Ivy even has the potential to mimic the way the tree canopy can filter light, encouraging ground level plant growth.

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