Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Jersey fights onslaught of natural invaders; NJ

New Jersey fights onslaught of natural invaders - : Latest News:
MIDDLE TOWNSHIP — Three Bradford pear trees on the grounds around an old farmhouse here were probably planted by a former owner for their glorious white flowers. But those pear trees’ days are numbered: The farmhouse and the trees are now part of the Cape May National Wildlife Refuge, which plans to chop them down to stem the spread of invasive species.
From feral pigs rooting up golf courses to foreign diseases wiping out oysters and backyard flowers going rogue in woods across the state, New Jersey is under invasion. For years the state’s wildlife managers have worked to save wild plants and animals on the verge of extinction. But more and more, they are examining new ways to cope with exotic plants and animals that are faring all too well in the Garden State.

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