Thursday, March 18, 2010

Angst over felled palm trees, allegations that tree protection laws were circumvented and conflicts of interest not addressed; Yass, Australia

Angst over felled palm trees - Local News - News - General - Yass Tribune:
The felling of two historic palm trees has sparked debate over Yass Valley Council’s processes for dealing with dead, dangerous or dying trees.
Former owner of the property Mark Wales is devastated by the loss of the palm trees, which he believes were planted in the late 1870s - early 1880s.
“They were fine examples of Canary Island date palms, probably introduced to Yass, along with many other exotic species, during the time when the Johnston's had a vegetable and fruit shop in Yass's main street,” he told the Tribune. “The Johnston's had connections to the Botanic Gardens in Sydney and were major contributors to the early development and shaping of Yass and the local environment,” he said.
'This makes a mockery of the Tree Preservation Order and effectively no trees in Yass are safe. The trees were a significant and iconic part of Yass and they are lost forever.' He intends to lodge a written complaint with council and take the matter to the NSW Ombudsman.
Photo: Yass Tribune

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