Monday, March 1, 2010

Friendship Park’s new design to remove impervious surfaces, plant more trees; Jacksonville, FL

Friendship Park’s new design presented and approved - The Daily Record - Jacksonville, Florida:
As soon as it opened more than 40 years ago, Friendship Park on the Southbank instantly became a landmark and an attraction for residents and visitors alike. The most popular part of the experience was the fountain, which at the time was touted by the Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce as the largest in the world.
The “water feature,” as fountains are known in the parlance these days, boasted a mechanically-choreographed show that lasted about 10 minutes and included a jet of water that rose more than 100 feet in the center of the pool.
Over the years the fountain fell into disrepair and the expanse of concrete that surrounded it became less attractive as a recreation option.

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