Monday, March 8, 2010

Tree lovers rooting for new branches; Terre Haute, IN

Tree lovers rooting for new branches » News » Terre Haute News, Terre Haute, Indiana- Near month’s end, at least 150 volunteers will embark on the planting of 100 shade trees along Terre Haute’s historic Ohio Boulevard to help restore a residential tree canopy

The effort is a partnership between the City of Terre Haute and Trees Inc., a nonprofit organization celebrating 20 years of regreening and beautifying the city through the planting of trees.

City officials early this week awarded a $20,050 contract to Hank Metzger Landscape Inc. to provide 100 shade trees. Specifically, the planting will include 25 red oak trees; 15 scarlet oaks; 20 shumard oaks; 20 halka variety of gingko trees; 10 accolade elm trees; and 10 bloodgood variety London plane trees.

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