Monday, March 1, 2010

Marrickville Greens issue tree policy for community-includes goal of 10% more tree canopy; Marrickville, Australia

Greens tree policy « Marrickville & Petersham-Newtown Greens:
The Greens seek to expand Marrickville’s urban tree canopy and to enrich public spaces with trees, understory planting, bush pockets and landscaping, providing amenity to residents and increasing habitat for native animal species.
The Greens vision is to encourage and facilitate council and residents to plant more trees, larger trees and more endemic and native trees and to protect and maintain the existing tree stock.
We see a Marrickville that is shady and fresh where trees enhance the urban environment providing relief from traffic, industrial activity, urban infrastructure and pollution. The Greens want to reduce the heat of our summers and help fight climate change.

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