Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Banding of trees in Regina urged to thwart cankerworms - Regina, Canada

Banding of trees in Regina urged to thwart cankerworms REGINA — Spring in Regina might have been delayed this year, but the slow start to the season isn't going to stop one of the city's pernicious pests. Cankerworms are about to appear and residents should try to get their trees banded by the end of April, according to Wade Morrow, the City of Regina's supervisor of pest management. "We're a little late this year," he said in a recent interview, noting the long winter might have put off the cankerworms' inevitable attack. "Everybody's aware of the weather. The water's getting a lot of attention, but it's putting other programs behind, too. We were just out banding some monitoring trees a week ago." The city normally advises that banding should start by the end of March and that all the trees should be banded by the end of April. But this year, "it was just too much snow around most of the trees," Morrow explained.

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